Is Plant Based Protein Good For You?

Is Plant Based Protein Good For You?plant protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for us as well as for animals. As long as we do not have allergies, it does not matter how we take it into our system. Allergies are universal and there could be some foods that we may be allergic to, but would not know till we consume it. Other than allergies, what we consume is really up to us and may simply be a personal preference. This will be influenced by where we live and what we ate when we were younger.

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Why Marmite Is Good For You For Over 100 Years

Why Marmite Is Good For You For Over 100 Yearsmarmite

History has not been rosy for some food preparations which have been on shop shelves for decades with some of them being shoved into the limelight for the wrong reasons. It may sometimes border on absurdity and could be for many reasons which would not necessarily be due to any fault of itself, but due to reasons of economy and competition. The brand Marmite which is an iconic British product has been targeted by some to bring uncalled-for actions and false insinuations which it may not deserve.

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Why Cinnamon Is Good For You – More Than Just A Spice

Why Cinnamon Is Good For Youcinnamon

Cinnamon is a very popular spice used all over the world. It is the inner bark of cinnamon plants which is stripped and harvested and grows back again to be harvested regularly. It is native to Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar but today 75% of cinnamon used worldwide comes from Indonesia and China. Cinnamon is liberally used in many types of foods from sweet, savory and a variety of other cuisines. It has a very distinct taste and smell which is derived from its inherent oil. This is what has made it so popular with everyone.

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Why A Plant Based Diet Is Better – It Just Is Healthier

Why A Plant Based Diet Is Better – It Just Is Healthierplant based diet

If we are to list out the foods that we consume on a daily basis it would enlighten us that the majority of what comes on that list would be plant based. Most of the staple foods around the world are plant based and just to mention some; rice, wheat, maize, tapioca etc, are all derived from various plants.

Only a few animal products would come on that list so doing away with them totally would do no great harm to our system. If we look at what we have been eating and add them up, we would find that leaving out some of them would not be an issue to us.

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