What Is Paleo Plan: Much More Than Simply Meal Planning

What Is Paleo Plan: Much More Than Simply Meal Planningpaleoplan

Paleo Plan is your one stop shop for everything you need to know about The Paleo Diet. The Paleo Plan site is designed to help you with your meal planning, loaded with easy to follow delicious recipes, and many other resources.

The expert dietitians and certified nutritionists will design weekly meal plans that are Paleo friendly, nutritionally balanced, and delicious. Don’t worry, they will take in consideration our busy lives, so they will not be too difficult to follow.

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What is Healthy Fasting Fasting: Benefits and Dangers

What is Healthy Fastingfasting

Fasting is a time period where no food or water is eaten or drink by the person who observes fast. People usually fast for spiritual, religious or health reason. Fasting is also referred to a religious obligation in many religions of the world. As a religious obligation, fating means to refrain yourself from eating or drinking for a known time period. Fasting is of several kinds; mostly kinds of fasts go constant in which you have to stop eating or drinking for straight 10-72 hours. Following are different types of fasting:

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What Is Whey Protein: The Benefits And Dangers

What Is Whey?whey protein isolate

Whey protein can be defined as a combination of proteins which are extracted from whey. Whey is the liquid part of milk which is separated during the production of cheese. There are two major types of protein which are found in milk; they are; casein which is 80% and whey 20%. Whey is present in the liquid portion of milk coagulate and the whey is obtained from it as a byproduct (R).

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How To Choose A healthy Weight Loss Plan

How To Choose A healthy Weight Loss Planhealthy weight lss

Weight loss plans – the healthy ways to lose weight

The lifestyle that we follow is very tedious. We never have enough time for self-care. High blood sugar, high blood pressure, extreme bad cholesterol levels and heart attacks are more common today. The main influencer to all these chronic medical conditions is obesity. Obesity is the outcome of the monotonous lifestyle we follow with the least amount of time dedicated to physical workout. The office cubicle or the classroom limits our world and the junk and unhealthy foods from all around keep depositing the excess weights.

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