What Are Antioxidants And Their Health Benefits

Antioxidants and Benefitswhat are antioxidants

Antioxidants are the most discussed topic in the world of health. Though the topic has quite recently evolved and is the most hyped up topic everywhere. You can find the presence of antioxidants while you are discussing beauty, diet, and even lifestyle.

But what are antioxidants and how does it benefit human health? We will discuss this and answer these questions. By the end, you will be well aware of the basic facts of antioxidants. Continue reading “What Are Antioxidants And Their Health Benefits”

What Are Free Radicals And Why Are They Bad

What Are Free Radicals And Why Are They Badwhat are free radicals

In this era, free radical is considered a danger word. Everyone tries to happily ignore this word without actually understanding it. On the other hand, we know that free radicals are bad, but do you know why? If you are one among those who are unaware of what a free radical really is and why is it bad, then you came to the right place.

Before moving on into details, all you need to know is free radicals are unstable atoms that have the capacity of damaging your skin. These are even responsible for aging and skin diseases.

Free radicals are basically linked to aging. Some dermatologist even denotes them as host of diseases. Unfortunately, there is very little knowledge available about how to prevent them from entering our body. Continue reading “What Are Free Radicals And Why Are They Bad”

Inflammation And What Causes It It is very miraculous that

Inflammation And What Causes Itpainful inflammaion

It is very miraculous that our body can heal itself and the healing process is still going on while you are sitting and reading this. If you are affected by a cut or infection or even if a disease, the virus or allergen finds a way to enter your body.

To this action, your immune system reacts by sending specialized white blood cells directly to the affected area. These white blood cells help in repairing the damage caused by the infection and even stop the spread of infection and illness. Whereas, in some cases, it even eradicated the intruder. This whole process and response are called inflammation. Continue reading “Inflammation And What Causes It It is very miraculous that”

What Is The Master Cleanse Diet

What Is The Master CleanseThe complete master cleanse

The Master Cleanse diet which is also referred to as the Lemonade diet is a kind of juicy mixture prepared for the purpose of losing excess weight quickly.

Master Cleanse is a modified juice that permits no food, substituting tea and lemonade made with maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

The lemonade diet is an extreme dietary cleanse that allows you to conduct a nightly saltwater flush and use a laxative tea.

Hollywood stars like
Beyonce, Jared Leto, Demi Moore, and Ashton Kutcher
have all reportedly followed this plan to rid supposed toxins from their body and lose weight dramatically. Continue reading “What Is The Master Cleanse Diet”



Are you tired of the constant problems you get from your gut. Have you seen a new eating plan you wish to start immediately because you’ve seen or heard testimonies from one or two people on how it helped them and you want the same result too? No matter what your aims are, one thing you must do is cleanse your body before embarking on a new eating diet. Continue reading “WHY SHOULD I CLEANSE BEFORE GOING ON A DIET”

What Are Nutrient Dense Foods And Why Choose Them

What Are Nutrient Dense Foodsnutrient dense foods

It’s really difficult for some dieters to understand what really nutrient dense food is. This term may seem a bit confusing for some people. Let’s make it easy by stating with the core definition of nutrients dense food. Nutrients dense foods are referred to the foods which are rich in nutrients but low in calories. That’s it.

A nutrient dense food offers a plethora of nutrients for a little calorie. A term which is used in the book – “Eat to live” will make it easier to understand the real concept of nutrients dense food. In that book, the author Dr. Joel Fuhrman used the term “nutritarian” to mention the dieters who include nutrients dense food to their diet list. Continue reading “What Are Nutrient Dense Foods And Why Choose Them”

Should You Follow The Mediterranean Diet And Why

Should You Follow The Mediterranean Diet And Whyuse the Mediterranean diet

Like the name suggest, Mediterranean diet is inspired by traditions from the eating habits of Mediterranean people. The countries of Mediterranean Sea including Greece, France, Spain and Italy have special diet and will vary by region or country. Generally, the Mediterranean diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, beans, nuts and unsaturated fats like olive oil. This diet limits the intake of dairy foods and meat. Continue reading “Should You Follow The Mediterranean Diet And Why”

Must Read This Before Following The Famous Gundry’s Diet

Must Read This Before Following The Famous Gundry’s Dieteat vegetables grudy diet

Dr. Steven Gundry presented the idea of lectin-free diet, which is now named as Gundry’s diet. Gundry was a famous heart surgeon who late switched his career to preparing supplement and food-based medicine. He initially created a diet plan for his patients for controlling their cholesterol levels. When he saw the health benefits of his diet plan on his patients’ health, he wrote down a detailed book on dietary recommendations for prevention from chronic health diseases, it is named “Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution”. Continue reading “Must Read This Before Following The Famous Gundry’s Diet”

What Is The Carnivore Diet – Is It A Healthy Choice

What Is The Carnivore Diet – Is It A Healthy Choicecarnivore diet

During the last few years, people of all types have risked their health with this extreme carnivorous diet. Whether you want to gain muscle, lose weight or simply have more energy, this meat-only diet promises all that and more.

Those who choose this type of diet, are based on a basic premise: eating the meat of other animals provides all the benefits we need. The rest (vegetables, fruits, grains and spices) are only carbohydrate and hindrance, hindrance that also causes us to accumulate sugar and get fat. Are right? Continue reading “What Is The Carnivore Diet – Is It A Healthy Choice”

Is Bone Broth Healthy For You – Why Or Why Not?

Is Bone Broth Healthy For You – Why Or Why Notbone broth

Bone broth has a long history and goes back to prehistoric times, when hunters had nothing to eat, it is easy to imagine that after the feast of fish or poultry grilled on the fire and stripped of most of their flesh, they turned to the manufacture of a healthy broth, with heads, tails, claws, and hooves. Even if at first it was more out of necessity than anything else, the broth of very nutritious bone does not only help to satisfy hunger. Continue reading “Is Bone Broth Healthy For You – Why Or Why Not?”