How to Cleanse Your Body for Weight Loss

Obesity is an epidemic of huge proportions in the United States and the problem is only growing bigger each year (pun intended!). Over half of all Americans are either overweight or obese and oftentimes dieting and weight loss information found on the internet can be confusing and misleading. Living a healthy lifestyle has cascading effects- … Read more

How To Choose A healthy Weight Loss Plan

How To Choose A healthy Weight Loss Planhealthy weight lss

Weight loss plans – the healthy ways to lose weight

The lifestyle that we follow is very tedious. We never have enough time for self-care. High blood sugar, high blood pressure, extreme bad cholesterol levels and heart attacks are more common today. The main influencer to all these chronic medical conditions is obesity. Obesity is the outcome of the monotonous lifestyle we follow with the least amount of time dedicated to physical workout. The office cubicle or the classroom limits our world and the junk and unhealthy foods from all around keep depositing the excess weights.

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What Do Probiotics Do For Your Body? Do They Really Keep You Healthy?

What do Probiotics do for your body? – do they really keep you healthy?Probotics bacteria

We first found out about probiotics when Elie Metchnikoff introduced the concept in the early 20th century. Elie was a Russia-French immunologist who won the 1908 Nobel Prize for his studies. He is known as “the father of probiotics”.

In this article, I will discuss what are probiotics, what do they do, some sources, and some benefits of probiotics.

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