The Underground Fat Loss Manual – Why Is This So Controversial

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The Underground Fat Loss Manual – Why Is This So Controversial?underground fat loss manual

With all the weight loss products and books out there, nobody really knows where to start. Well, for one thing, this is not a weight loss program, it is a Fat Loss program. The difference is that this targets fat and not simply weight. Weight loss is a bonus when you lose fat.

Let’s look at The Underground Fat Loss Manual, who is behind it, what it can do, and who’s it for.

Product: The Underground Fat Loss Manual

Price: $14.95

Where to buy:

Return Policy: 60 Days

My Rating: 7 out of 10

I have included some of my affiliate links in this review to allow you to get more information or to purchase the products.

Who is The Underground Fat Loss Manual Creator?Matt Marshall

Matt Marshall the founder of Fitness Under Oath, wrote Fat Loss Manual after loosing 13 pounds in one month. Matt is a certified personal trainer and has earned a reputation of getting fast results.

What Is The Underground Fat Loss Manual?

The manual is full of tips, suggestions, and recommendations on how to lose fat quickly. The programs target fat directly and not weight.

Matt claims that his book has been banned by Amazon and Facebook. So what do you think I did? Yes, I searched Amazon and Facebook. When I typed The underground Fat Loss Manual into Amazon, I was about half-way into the name and the rest auto populated. Does it mean that it was there? I am not sure, but Amazon recommended plenty of other suggestions.

When I type the name into Facebook, I was shown some public links from Pinterest. These were individuals promoting the book, but no official Facebook page. Was that Facebook’s doing or by Matt’s design.

Matt’s ads do state that this is a controversial system and the manual has been banned by Amazon and Facebook.

What Else Is included With The Manual?60-second hormone fix

There are three additional parts to the system:

  • The 10-3-X Workout program – This workout guide is designed for anyone who wants to get ripped fast and build lean, rock-hard muscle. You can use this at the gym or with simple equipment at home. This is a free booklet included with the manual.
  • The 60-Second Hormone Fix (That Makes You Burn Fat All Day Long) – A second free bonus book that is designed to help bring your leptin levels back into balance. These help regulate your appetite, fat burning, and metabolism.
  • Ageless Abs – This is the third free bonus. The exercise is easy on the back and spine, simple, and an effective way to target your abs.

What Are Some Topics In The Manual?

  • How to smash through the little-known “cycle of sadness” that keeps most people fat and unhappy
  • How to use alcohol (if you choose) to accelerate overnight fat burning
  • An all-natural method for boosting growth hormone by 512%
  • Why some of the world’s most ripped fitness models chew nicotine gum (this is optional, you do NOT need to attempt this controversial technique to get lean)
  • How to use “dirty dreams” for faster fat loss
  • Why chewing up a baby aspirin before your next workout can actually boost your metabolism by 37%
  • How a reclusive multi-millionaire figured out a strange “hack” that allows you to avoid the dreaded weight-loss plateau, and how you can copy this trick for free.
  • Did you know that every extra inch of belly fat actually LOWERS your testosterone levels by 10%?

Who Is The Underground Fat Loss Manual For?

The manual is designed for men and women. Actually, there are separate manuals for each, so when ordering, make sure you order the correct one.

Regardless of your sex, age, or how much overweight you are, Matt claims that this will work for anyone. He does mention that if you have a medical condition, to discuss this with your doctor first.

fat loss manual

What I like About The Underground Fat Loss Manual

  • Low investment of $14.95
  • Digital product so you can start nowmoney back guarantee
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • The three bonus manuals help to make a complete system

What I do not like

  • Digital products are great to start now with, but sometimes I prefer a printed copy. I know I can print it out, which I have with other digital products and put them in a binder.
  • Why was the program banned by Amazon and Facebook, is it really safe to use? Matt does say it could be from the Strong language (swearing), controversial rapid weight loss techniques, or that it may be unsafe to lose more than 2 pounds a week.

Conclusionageless abs

Matt appears to be genuine in his desire to help people lose not only weight, but more importantly lose those pounds of unhealthy fat. The first few pounds of weight loss are normally just excess water we carry. The trick is to lose fat, which will be more beneficial than simply losing water. Loosing fat will help you body function more efficiently.

I have rated this 7 out of 10 since I think that this can work, but I do not like the extra hype in the marketing. This could have been banned for legitimate reasons, but until I can find out more, this is as high as I will go. If any other information becomes available, I will revise my rating.

The question is, do you think you can benefit from this manual? At this price and with a 60-day money back guarantee, what do you have to lose?

Before trying any system, I always recommend doing your research and then talk to your doctor about any concerns.

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When you do try it, or if you already have, please leave a comment here to help others know what your experience was. Good or bad.

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