What is Kapex – Kick Your Keto Into Overdrive

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What is Kapex – Kick Your Keto Into OverdriveKapex optimizes ketogenesis

If you would like to know how to upgrade your keto digestion, energy, and weight loss with the Kapex Ketogenesis supplement. Here is the most important review article you need to before trying Kapex. I know how important a review can go in helping you make the best decision before purchasing a product.

I have given an honest review of everything you need to know about the Kapex ketogenesis supplement; what it does, how it works, why it works, what it cannot do, and what it truly is.

I want you to follow me as I break this down and give you the complete information about the supplement.

Do you ever experience digestive issues when you eat high-fat meals, constipation, diarrhea, or you just have your meal sits in your stomach each time you eat?

Have you experienced a low in your athletic performance since you turned to a lower-carb diet?

If you are the kind who desire to have an experience of a new level of energy, mental clarity, and focus without relying on stimulants. You certainly won’t go wrong getting a bottle of Kapex supplement.

Why Use Kapex

Kapex is a groundbreaking new keto formula that supercharges your ability to switch and convert the fat available in your diet and those stored in your body into more energy.

It helps you break food down quicker, assimilate the useful part and eliminate the waste in no time – that is, it increases your metabolism

The most interesting part is that – it gives you a higher mental performance in addition to this, you become more energetic physically to do tasks without getting exhausted easily and quickly.

This formula went through about 130 experimental research studies before it was finally produced and made available to the market.

If you honestly wish to upgrade your keto digestion, lost more weight, and gain more energy without complications or after-effects or side effects troubles – this formula is the most powerful supplement to help you achieve your desire most easily.

What exactly is Kapex

What Exactly Is Kapex

Kapex is a powerful formula – a ketogenesis supplement that has helped turn a lot of people onto keto for some decades. It is a great formula for people struggling with metabolic issues, a deficiency that blocks them from succeeding on keto.

The primary problem most people on keto face with thriving on keto is with metabolism. This formula went through hundreds of hours of research and testing on different nutrients that could help solve the troubles.

This formula underwent tons of studies with massive amounts of real-world testing until the perfect combination of nutrients for optimizing fat digestion, energy metabolism, and fat loss enhancement were discovered.

Luckily, it was made in a way that gives you the same new level of energy that traditional coffee gives. It just takes 7 seconds to open the lid of the bottle pour the capsules in your hand and throw them in your mouth.

Choose Kapex if you love to gain more energy, metabolism, plus smooth consistent bowel movements and fat loss quickly.

Who Created KapexMatt Gallant the creator of Kapex

Matt Gallant, the brain behind the powerful ketogenesis formula is the CEO of Bioptimizer.

Matt has been doing keto for over 26 years. A journey he started when he was 16 years old just after he read Dr. Mauro DiPasquale’s book “The Anabolic Diet”.

To date, he still follows the principles he acquired from the book he read a very long time ago.

See what Matt said about his product

“I love the energy I have, the mental drive, and the aesthetics. Despite what some people think, you can build muscle on keto. I’ve been able to build 50 lbs of lean muscle mass while on keto.

I’ve turned hundreds of people on keto over the years. I was a personal trainer and that was my diet of choice.”

He knew the problem many people had was primarily with digestion – this is the simple reason why they didn’t get the same energetic boost from it – especially when it comes to hard exercise. Where people had elevated triglycerides.

Thus, he created this solution to fix all of these problems.

Why Kapex is The Best Thing in Keto

To you this may appear as a big claim, as an exaggerated statement, or a bluff; but in my opinion, the Kapex supplement is the best in the keto world. Beyond any other “Keto supplement” because—unlike boosters like exogenous ketones (which have some short-term value, but DON’T improve your natural energy or fat-burning functions…) Kapex upgrades the way your body and cells function on a Keto diet.

This formula was prepared to help rewire the way your body performs with ketos simply. The ingredients in the formula were selected in a way that only those that perform optimally and effectively were chosen among many ingredients. It’s NOT a mish-mash of “maybes” in a bottle.

It was prepared in conjunction with the best two formulators in the world and went through several tests and experimental trials for almost 12 months before the final formula was birthed.

How Does Kapex Workboost your metabolism

Kapex directly UPGRADES your ability to make energy… burn fat… and feel your best on Keto. From the moment you take your Kapex capsules, the formula goes to work in your body. The supplement works by breaking down the fat in your body into smaller pieces in the form of fatty acids

The second method it uses in helping you lose weight and gains more energy is that- it helps in the transportation of the tiny pieces of fat that to the mitochondrion and to the liver where it is being used up and converted to energy.

Lastly, it works by enhancing digestion and metabolic/energy function—Kapex helps you SMASH through any fat loss plateaus.

The Beginning and the End of the Science of How It Works

Kapex promotes the digestion of fat.

Inside Kapex is an enzyme called LIP4TM- a type of lipase that breaks down fatty substances into easily usable and convertible fatty acids. Thus, whenever you eat any food with high-level PH, this enzyme helps break down the fats present in the diet.

This particular result was seen to be very effective after a team of scientists prepared an activated lipase, and increased fat digestion from 14-55 percent.

It was also during this experiment they discovered the right types of lipase and the level of lipase needed at the right proportion to save people battling with digestive troubles when they consume a diet that high fats and such fatty food can be fish, meat, burger, chocolates or any food that has unhealthy fat in it.

In fact, the experiment further went deeper to the stage where some willingly selected people ate high-fat food, patients who supplemented with lipase enzymes experienced significant reductions in bloating, gas, and fullness compared to those taking a placebo.

And these studies were performed WITHOUT LIP4TM… which is a high-potency 4 lipase blend, unlike anything you’ll find in ANY other enzyme solution.

It fully unleashes your ability to digest and break down high-fat meals—and you’ll notice an immediate lift in your energy after high-fat meals the first time you take it.

Benefits of Kapexkapex promotes healthy digestion

Promotes Protein Digestion And Helps You Avoid Bloating And Weight Gain.

It is very unlikely to avoid consuming excess protein when you are on a keto diet. While protein may be exceptionally good for your body, it is very disastrous whenever it is taken into the body in excess.

Excess ingestion of protein causes terrible challenges which may include insulin spiking, weight gain, and gut issues.

The worst effect of excessive protein consumption is often seen in aging. People who take more than the normal daily bodily required protein tend to age faster than their colleagues of the same age.

The enzyme Tri-Phase Protease in Kapex breaks down the protein you’re eating into absorbable amino acids. Then up to 66% more amino compounds get transported through the intestinal tract thanks to a special nutrient called Astrazyme.

How Can Kapex Help

You can consume 200 grams of protein a day, but if you’re only breaking down 50%… and only half of that goes through the intestinal tract…… Then you’re WASTING 75% of the protein you’re consuming!

Leveraging this Tri-phase Protease Blend is like transforming every gram of protein you eat into 4 usable grams of protein. This is how Kapex helps you maximize muscle gains and recovery from your workouts.

The protease has profound anti-aging benefits as well because a protein accumulation in the cells is currently believed to be the number killer of supercentenarians (people that live over 100). So breaking down your protein into amino acids is a very important thing if you want to live a long healthy life.

It Refills Your Body With Relevant Elements You Lack For Strong Digestionkapex helps with stomach problems

Kapex contains HCL (hydrochloric acid which is stomach acid) which assists the lipase and protease in breaking down those essential macronutrients. Most people’s natural HCL starts dropping in their 30s and creates many digestive issues including heartburn and GERD. If you want good digestion, this must be fixed.

Additionally, Kapex contains a dandelion root, a substance that helps stimulate the bile. Bile is a very important organ in the process of breaking down fat. Thus, it helps you further maximize the breakdown of fats into usable fatty acids

Kapex is the answer to your long-awaited keto digestive troubles.

Finally, taking an excess dosage of the formula can lead to excess energy at night and loss of sleep.


As you can now see, Kapex can be a great addition to Keto and other diets or to help with other digestive problems mentioned. I hope with this you have an answer to everything you had always wanted to know about the Kapex keto supplement.

To learn more about this amazing supplement, check out Kapex.

I always recommend that before starting any diet, especially one that will change your eating habits or if you have a medical condition, consult your doctor first. They may say sure try this or they may give you reasons not to.

Please leave your comments and questions below and thank you for reading.


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  1. As soon as I’m done leaving this comment I’m going to forward this article to a very good friend of mine. we just had dinner last Friday and she had mentioned about starting keto and changing the way she eats and her lifestyle. She went through a divorce and wants to focus on herself during this time. Hoping that she can start this with her diet and kind kickstart things This article has all the information that you need, pros and cons and will help her make an informed decision. Glad to see her taking her health into a positive direction and that I can help.

    • It’s great that your friend is taking her health seriously. Too many don’t and just let themselves go. I was one a few years ago until I started learning more.

      Kapex is only one of the very helpful product from Bioptimizer and is worth checking out, especially for anyone just starting out on Keto. This can be a way to see some nice results and keep you motivated in your efforts.

      I am currently using a couple of other Bioptimizer products and your friend may want to check these out as well. P3-OM Probiotic and Masszymes. I only started a few days ago and have a good feeling about them.



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