UB Super – Super plant based proteins and then some

UB Super – Super plant based proteins and then someUB Super shake

Since I have decided to start eating healthier, I continue my search for products that can help me accomplish this. When I look at a product, I usually like to try it first before I recommend it to anyone. Unfortunately, if I did that, I would gain a lot of weight back that I have lost. Even if the products are healthy, there is no sense in consuming all the extra calories.

In some cases, when a product is recommended by someone that I know and trust their judgment, I will write a review. This is one of those products.

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Navitas Organics Products – Super Foods For Everyday

Navitas Organics Products – Super FoodsNavitas Organics Products

Navitas Organics has been around since 2003 and has quickly become a well-known brand for quality organic products. These are very reasonably priced and cover a wide range. There are single ingredient superfoods products to nicely blended combinations. They produce powders, juices, bars, books, etc…

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What Are The Superfoods – A Dieter’s Dream


The term superfoods did not appear until the 1990’s, but what are the superfoods? Basically, superfoods are considered to be super because of various properties in them. Most are packed full of different vitamins or nutrients and are low in calories. This is why the can be a great welcome to anyone looking to lose weight or wants to eat healthier.

We will take a look at the 10 top superfoods and discuss why they are considered to be super. These 10 are the most popular from a survey that I conducted along with additional online research. Continue reading “What Are The Superfoods – A Dieter’s Dream”