Best Shakeology Flavors – Which is Your New Favorite

Shakeology is known for making shakes that perfectly balance flavor, richness, and healthiness. But they are so much more than that, Shakeology shakes contain superfoods and other ingredients that are designed to help people reach their nutritional and fitness goals.  But Shakeology has a LOT of flavors available, how do you know which ones are … Read more

13 Best Oat Milk Protein Shakes To Keep Fit

Consuming plenty of protein is essential for maintaining a balanced diet. This protein is especially beneficial for people who are looking to build muscle, such as athletes and bodybuilders. After all, protein is the building block of muscles. One of the best ways to increase your lean protein intake is through protein shakes. These tasty … Read more

What Is The Most Unhealthiest Shake You Can Have?

In 2008, Baskin-Robbins released a limited-time shake that was advertised as the ‘unhealthiest drink in America’. This shake was made from 73 different ingredients and contained over 2,000 calories – that’s more calories than some people consume in a single day!  But this fact got us wondering – what is the most unhealthiest shake you … Read more