Does Shakeology Expire and Should I Drink it if it Does

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There comes a time in everybody’s life when they seek something in their kitchen cupboard, only to find that it has expired, sigh.

In this case, it is a packet of Shakeology. Whilst the package looks fine and it hasn’t been opened, you know it has been several months since you purchased it.

Unfortunately, Shakeology does expire. In fact, even when it is still sealed, it will only be good for up to a year.

At one point it could last for up to two years, but they changed something in the ingredients that now make it only last for 12 months.

So, if you are using Shakeology and don’t feel like you are going to finish it within the year, then you might want to give it away to a friend or family member who will drink it more.

So, let’s take a look at Shakeology in more detail!

Does A Bag Of Shakeology Expire?

Shakeology does expire, and will do so within one year of the bag is sealed and sent to the store or you. It actually used to be two full years, but it has sadly changed.

If the bag of Shakeology has not been opened yet and has passed the year mark, there is a chance you could still drink it, but only if it has been less than two years since it was originally sealed and bought.

However, it must have been kept in a dark and cool place, not stored in direct sunlight or a humid and warm countertop. The bag should also be fully sealed with no holes in it.

Once oxygen gets into the bag, it helps the product to fasten its pace on expiring, so you will want to keep it tightly sealed whilst using it anyway.

If a year has passed and you have kept the bag of Shakeology in great condition, then give it a look and a sniff.

If it is fine, then it is up to you whether you decide to use it or not.

Should You Drink Expired Shakeology?

Does Shakeology Expire

Most of the time you are likely to drink a Shakeology in the allotted time, more often than not because of the expense paid, but life happens and sometimes you forget to even open the packet.

However, if you do find yourself with an expired bag of Shakeology, then it all depends on how long it has expired.

Whilst it should be absolutely fine to drink a year later after the expiry date, it all depends on whether you want to take the risk or not.

Some people have stated they have drunk it 3 years after the expiry date and it was still fresh.

Make sure it was stored well and that it still tastes and smells good, and that the texture of the product is still right.

If it isn’t, it is time to throw it away!

Will Drinking Shakeology Which Has Expired Make You Vomit?

If the Shakeology is expired, it should not make you vomit.

If Shakeology makes you vomit anyway, then avoid it at all costs, but if it does not, then you will find that if Shakeology is in great condition, it will not make you vomit.

So long as it smells fresh and seems good, then you are good to go.

One way you can take a look if your expired Shakeology is still fine to use is by putting it side-by-side with a new bag.

If they both look and smell the same, then it will be fine to consume the expired bag of Shakeology.

Are The Nutrients Just As Good Once Shakeology Has Expired?

Just like with everything, the longer you leave it, not only is it not as fresh, but the goodies in the product will not be as impactful.

Having said that, Shakeology is full of so many good nutrients and vitamins that you will still benefit from drinking them. So, whilst it might not be as fresh, it will be just as good for you.

Is It Better To Buy in Separate Packets Or In A Bulk Bag?

Does Shakeology Expire

There is no best way to drink Shakeology when it comes to it ‘going bad’, however, there are some things you might want to consider.

For example, if you are not looking to drink Shakeology every day, then you will find using the single-serving packets much better.

This is because you will not have to open a bulk bag and let the air in every so often.

The single packets will also be much easier to store and take around with you as you run errands or go to work.

Also, every single packet has an expiration date. So, if you would prefer not to have to keep a whole bag in your cupboard, single packets will be a lot more beneficial to you.

What Kind Of Expiration Date Is On Shakeology?

You will notice that your packet of Shakeology has a ‘best by date on it.

This means that it doesn’t need to be consumed by this date, though at this point it will have peaked with its freshness.

So, once the date has passed, it will start to decline. This again doesn’t mean that you cannot drink it.

It just means that the longer you leave it, the taste may change and the drink might not be as nice of an experience as it once was.

However, for it to taste rancid or off, you will likely have had to leave your unopened Shakeology packet for a number of years. If it is already opened, then this will not be the case.

Final Thoughts

Shakeology does expire, however, this doesn’t mean that you cannot drink it once the best-by date has passed. This just means that the freshness will go down over time.

So long as you have kept the bag sealed (and hopefully unopened) and in a cool, dark place, then the Shakeology will be fine to consume, even a year after it expired.

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