How To Choose A Healthy Weight Loss Plan

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The lifestyle that we follow is very tedious. We never have enough time for self-care. High blood sugar, high blood pressure, extremely bad cholesterol levels, and heart attacks are more common today.

The main influencer of all these chronic medical conditions is obesity. Obesity is the outcome of the monotonous lifestyle we follow with the least amount of time dedicated to physical workouts.

The office cubicle or the classroom limits our world and the junk and unhealthy foods from all around keep depositing excess weight.

While physical exercise is obviously a great way to control this, we often opt for an easier option – to follow a weight loss plan. We restrict our diet to limit the nutrient intake to the body and think it will work to help us reduce weight.

Following a healthy weight loss plan is obviously beneficial to great extents. But you need to follow a well-considered and well-planned meal chart.

This is not an option but a mandate. Otherwise, it can have the reverse effect and you can gain more weight. There is also an additional risk of bringing even more health conditions in the short run.

Healthy Plans To Lose Weight

These weight loss plans are totally based on scientific research and when followed the correct way, help you to lose weight to great extents over a steady period of time.

These plans do not have any other side effects. It means providing the body with the right proportions of calories you need with the right count of macros. It prevents nutrient deficiency and keeps your body functions maintained.

There are a lot of healthy weight loss plans available on the web that anyone can follow without the risk of facing any adverse effects.

Some healthy weight loss plans include:

  • Counting the macros to control calorie intake, not crash the entire supply
  • Following a diet chart with all essential nutrients so that the body does not suffer any deficiency
  • Using fruits and superfruits to aid weight loss
  • Complementing a decent workout session to boost the effects

How to Follow a Healthy Weight Loss Planweight loss plan

If you want to follow a healthy weight loss plan then there are certain tips that you need to keep in mind. They are mentioned below:

  • Check the starches and sugar

It has twofold benefits. First, as the vital energy source of the body is put to check, the body starts harnessing the stored fats.

Also, reduced carbohydrates bring in a reduction in insulin levels in the blood. This causes your kidneys to give out excess amounts of sodium and water stored in your body. That means along with losing fats, you also lose excess water weight.

  • Proteins, essential fats, and veggies

It is necessary to protect your muscles from feeding on themselves. Proteins help to keep muscle mass intact.

Some of the essential fats from nuts and fish fats are necessary for the body to maintain its normal functions.

Meat, dairy, eggs, fruits, and vegetables can be some of the most common sources of these essential nutrients.

  • Workout sessions

Whatever diet plan you follow, adding a session of physical workout to your schedule can be most beneficial among all options.

If you decide to join a gym, consider sharing your plans with your trainer. They can provide you with a perfect chart suited to your needs.

  • Confirm a carb recharge

As you are keeping the carb demands continually under control, you can take a day off to feed your body with rewarding sources of regular energy.

But that does not mean you are going to feast on it. Well, you mentally can but not practically. It will help you control the urges and allow you to maintain your mental peace and let you focus harder on your week-round plans.

Unhealthy Weight Loss Plans

unhealthy food

You can come across a lot of meal plans that can promise you rapid weight loss. While most of the claims are indeed true, they will obviously come with an added cost that is obviously not worth it.

What it actually means is that you lose a few pounds per week regularly. Crash diets are not the only option for unhealthy plans for weight loss.

Pills and excessive workouts are also considered under the options of unhealthy weight loss options. The long-term effects that these plans come with are far more adverse.

Some ways of losing weight the unhealthy way include:

  • Starvation and inhibiting the supply of any calories to the body and forces the body to run on the stored nutrients
  • Limiting calorie intake to some extent such as 1200 or 1600 calories per day
  • Depending on any particular source of nutrients for the diet
  • Consumption of diet pills or other oral pills to aid weight loss
  • Excessive physical workouts

Why You Should Not Follow Unhealthy Weight Loss Plans

However, tempting the plans may sound; the prices to pay are too high. It is especially because of the negative parts it comes with. Some bad effects of following unhealthy rapid weight loss plans include:

  • Muscle loss

As the body starts to feel a deficit of nutrients, it starts metabolizing your muscles. Instead of developing lean muscle mass, you end up losing them.

  • Reduced BMR

Our basic metabolic rate is directly proportional to the number of calories we take in and the amount of energy we burn.

As you keep losing weight, your metabolism slows down. It can reduce the speed of weight loss and even work the other way around and cause you to gain more weight.

  • Deficiency diseases

The body requires all kinds of nutrients and every one has its own function. The vitamins and mineral requirements of the body are very fixed and deficiency of any can trigger a lot of deficiency diseases some of which are even deadly.

Night blindness, kwashiorkor, and anemia are some of the most common deficiency diseases. A deficiency of vitamins can lead to body fatigue, hair loss, and a poor immune system.

  • Gallstones

Gallbladder stones are becoming quite common in the current medical world. It is a drastic effect of rapid weight loss.

The gall bladder keeps releasing its juices regularly. But as there are no foods to digest, the juices harden up and get deposited in the bladder. It is quite painful.

Many other harmful health conditions come as a result of rapid weight loss. It is best avoided.

Tips For Healthy Weight Loss Plans

healthy weight loss

Let us now take into some of the easiest tips to follow a healthy weight loss plan. Below mentioned are the top 10 ways:

  • High-protein breakfast: Eating the first meal of the day with high protein content works to reduce your cravings throughout the day. It also works to maintain the calorie intake of the body all day long.
  • Avoiding sugary drinks, and fizzy and fruit juices: The added sugars in most packaged and bottled drinks are known to be harmful to your health. Keeping it in check can boost weight loss. This includes limiting or eliminating the amount of soda, carbonated beverages, or other sweetened drinks.
  • Water before a meal: Drink some water about 30 to 45 minutes before your meals. It works to provide you with a fuller feeling and helps to control your appetite, thus working to excess weight gain.
  • Superfoods for losing weight: There are a lot of superfoods that have great benefits that help to lose weight. You can easily search the web to come up with these natural supplements of essential nutrients along with boosting weight loss.
  • Soluble fibers: Soluble fibers help to trap fats in your intestine and prevent it from being absorbed into your body. This is one of the best natural ingredients to help control weight gain.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine is known to boost metabolism and promote weight loss. But too much of it can cause dependency. Limiting the amount of coffee, tea, and especially energy drinks can aid in your weight loss goals. Also, before taking any dietary supplements, be sure to check the amount of caffeine in them.
  • Eat whole foods: Processed foods lack essential nutrients and are loaded with harmful sugars. But eating whole unprocessed foods provides you access to all such nutrients. Whole-grain diets are low-carb fiber diets that are known to have great health benefits.
  • Eat frequent small meals: Rather than filling yourself up with one meal, consider consuming small but frequent meals. This can not only help you to prevent weight gain but also aid you to stay fitter at all points of the day. Spreading your choleric intake throughout the day will help your metabolism levels. This will help avoid feeling tired throughout the day.
  • Good night’s sleep: Stresses and anxiety are prime contributors to obesity and uncontrolled weight gain. Getting a good night’s sleep can help you to shed all the unwanted worries and relief your body of unwanted stress. 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night is most beneficial to the body. This will give your body the time it needs to recharge.

Final Thoughts

Before you start any weight loss plan, I would recommend discussing your goals and concerns with your doctor first. They may be able to offer guidance, especially if you have any medical conditions.

In my opinion, the best way to start a weight loss plan is with a cleanse first.

We will be covering a variety of diets in future articles. Some of them will be well-known and others may be newer fad diets.

Our goal is to give you information to help you decide what may be the best way for you to reach your weight loss goals.

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  1. How will I know when a weight loss plan is working for me? in other words, how long should I wait before seeing results and does this change if I am exercising or not? I really want to start eating better and turn my extra fat into muscle

    • Hi Diane,
      How long will depend on you. Everyone’s body is different. Exercising will definitely help speed up weight since you are burning more calories and helping your metabolism levels. Lifting even light weights will help burn fat and build lean muscle.

      When we start a weight loss plan, we usually see some results quickly since you will loose excess water weight.I would suggest that you stay with a diet at least 30 to 60 days, 90 would be better. You don’t want to keep jumping from one diet to the next and not give your plan a chance to work for you.

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