13 Best Oat Milk Protein Shakes For Keeping Fit

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Consuming plenty of protein is essential for maintaining a balanced diet.

This protein is especially beneficial for people who are looking to build muscle, such as athletes and bodybuilders. After all, protein is the building block of muscles.

One of the best ways to increase your lean protein intake is through protein shakes.

These tasty drinks are packed with protein and are a convenient way of boosting your consumption of this macronutrient.

Though many protein shake recipes are traditionally made with cow’s milk, there are plenty of vegan protein shake recipes for you to try.

Many of these recipes are made with oat milk, which is a fabulous replacement for cow’s milk. Here are the best protein shakes made with oat milk:

1. Chocolate Protein Drink

If you love chocolate, you will fall in love with this mouth-watering chocolate protein drink. This recipe is made with just two necessary ingredients, namely chocolate protein powder and oat milk.

As a result, it is a super straightforward recipe that can be made in just a few minutes. 

The chocolate protein powder gives this brilliant beverage a rich and sweet taste that you’re bound to adore.

Additionally, this drink contains approximately 1180g of protein, making it ideal for enhancing your protein consumption.

2. Oat Milk Smoothie

Are you looking for a quick and easy recipe? If so, this creamy oat milk smoothie is perfect for you. It will be ready in just 5 minutes and requires just 1 step to complete. 

This milk smoothie has quite a complex flavor, which is thanks to the use of peanut butter, banana, and vanilla protein powder. This gives it a super sweet taste.

Plus, the inclusion of peanut butter and flax seeds has dramatically increased the protein content of this smoothie.

3. Fruit And Peanut Butter Oat Milk Smoothie

Packed with fruit, this refreshing smoothie is incredible for drinking at breakfast or after you’ve gone to the gym.

The addition of raspberries, blueberries, and bananas has given this scrumptious smoothie a fresh and fruity taste. 

These fruits are a great way of increasing the nutritional value of the smoothie. The drink also has a nutty flavor due to the inclusion of peanut butter, which has enhanced its creamy texture.

It’s worth noting that this recipe is not as high in protein as other recipes.

Unlike other protein shake recipes, it is made without protein powder. Instead, the primary source of protein is peanut butter. 

Despite this, a serving still contains around 15g of protein. If you want to further increase the protein content of this drink, it may be worth adding a scoop of protein powder. 

4. Oat Milk Latte Protein Shake

Do you love coffee? This oat milk latte protein shake is a brilliant beverage for coffee lovers. This oat milk latte protein shake will be fantastic for breakfast. 

Made with double espresso, it has a strong coffee flavor. The use of this espresso will ensure that your protein shake gives you plenty of energy so that you are ready for the day ahead. 

This coffee flavoring is enhanced with the use of cinnamon, which gives it a spiced quality. Alongside this earthy taste, the protein shake also has fruity undertones due to the inclusion of a banana. 

5. Banana And Honey Oat Milk Smoothie

Smooth and elegant, this oat milk smoothie can be completed in just 2 steps. It has a super creamy consistency and a flavorsome taste.

Ingredients like honey, banana, and cinnamon, are responsible for this earthy yet superbly sweet taste. 

Made with ice, this recipe is particularly great for the summer. Plus, it will be perfect for cooling you down after an intense workout session. 

The vanilla protein powder is an optional ingredient in this recipe, though you should be sure to include it if you wish to make an oat milk protein shake. 

6. Frozen Fruit Oat Milk Smoothie

This fruity smoothie not only looks beautiful but tastes divine. It has a vibrant color and fresh fruity flavor. 

One of the many reasons to use this recipe is that it can be made with the frozen fruit of your choice. As a result, you can easily customize this recipe to suit your tastes.

Frozen strawberries work especially well in this recipe, though you should also consider using raspberries, mango, peaches, pineapple, or mixed berries.

Another way in which this protein shake is customizable is that you can use different courses of protein, such as chia seeds, almond butter, or protein powder.

We recommend using this recipe if you want more control over how much protein you eat, as it is more flexible. 

7. Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Smoothie

Mint and chocolate are frequently paired together to create a classic flavor combination. If you are looking to make a protein shake with natural ingredients, make it ideal for a vegan diet.

This protein smoothie has a gorgeous green hue, which is thanks to natural ingredients like mint, avocado, and spinach. It has a magnificently minty taste, which is the dominant flavor of this drink.

Though the chocolate taste is much more muted, you will nonetheless receive a hint of chocolate flavoring in the form of chocolate chips. 

One of the best features of this protein smoothie is that you can easily make it much more aesthetically pleasing by decorating it with mint leaves, chocolate chips, and ice cubes.

8. Salted Caramel Protein Smoothie

Salted caramel is one of the best flavors for smoothies. However, this smoothie has a much deeper flavor than the average recipe, which is thanks to the use of seasonings like vanilla extract.

Though this recipe recommends using coconut milk, you can easily substitute it with oat milk.

This substitute will not have a significant change on the taste of the smoothie, though it will be preferable for people who prefer oat milk. 

Just bear in mind that this recipe requires the use of more ingredients than the average recipe on this list.

Though this is worth it to achieve this complex flavor of the smoothie, this can make it rather difficult to make.

Overall, this salted caramel protein smoothie is one of the most sophisticated protein shakes on this list. 

9. Banana And Cinnamon Oat Milk Smoothie

Up next, this oat milk smoothie will be a great choice if you love the taste of bananas. This superb smoothie is great for breakfast or as part of a tasty snack.

It has a strong taste of banana that has been enhanced by cinnamon and maple syrup, which give it a spicy and woody aroma. 

Containing 4 ice cubes, this oat milk smoothie is super cold and refreshing. Consequently, it is great for drinking before or after you have gone to the gym. 

10. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Vegan Protein Shake

With a rich and sweet taste, this dark chocolate and raspberry protein shake is truly irresistible. The chocolate pairs beautifully with the raspberry, creating a sensational flavor combination. 

Rather than using protein powder, this recipe utilizes natural substitutes. Protein-rich foods, such as nut butter, hemp hearts, and chia seeds, have been used rather than powders. 

Thanks to these ingredients, this delectable protein shake contains an impressive 20g of protein. To further increase its protein content, consider adding protein powder. 

11. Orange Protein Shake

Made with six ingredients, this outstanding orange protein shake is simple yet effective. Plus, it takes just 4 minutes to make!

It has a citric taste that makes the orange protein shake suitable for breakfasts or as a post-workout beverage. 

This recipe allows you to use the milk of your choice, but we advise utilizing oat milk to make a phenomenal protein shake. Decorate with slices of orange to make an appealing drink. 

12. Almond Cherry Smoothie

With a tart and nutty taste, this almond and cherry protein smoothie has a unique taste that separates it from other recipes.

The combination of almond and cherry is perfect if you crave a smoothie in the morning. Additionally, it causes the smoothie to taste just like a cherry pie. 

The protein powder is an optional add-in. To easily transform this smoothie into a protein shake, we suggest that you include this protein powder. 

With its pinkish hue, this smoothie is hard to resist. 

13. Oat Milk Gingerbread Smoothie

Last but not least, this oat milk gingerbread smoothie is the ideal recipe for the festive season.

Gingerbread has a spiced flavor that is a great match for the Christmas period. Yet, you’re sure to love it all year round. 

The regular version of this recipe merely uses chia seeds to give you a healthy boost of protein. However, it also advises using protein powder if you aim to consume more protein.

We recommend following this variation to transform this gorgeous gingerbread smoothie into a protein shake.

Final Thoughts

Ideal for drinking after you have gone to the gym, protein shakes are a wonderful way of ensuring that you consume plenty of protein.

Made with oat milk, these fantastic recipes are not only tasty but are suitable for a range of different diets, including vegan diets.

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