9 Best Sugar Free Protein Shakes To Keep You Fit

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Protein shakes are the perfect edible supplement to help make a gym regimen all the more effective.

Protein shakes have been proven to have benefits for weight loss and muscle gain. Protein shakes help to boost metabolism, and are noted for helping with muscle repair and growth.

9 Best Sugar Free Protein Shakes To Keep Fit

This makes them highly effective for all kinds of people that are interested in fitness, and as such, there are many potential reasons why you may be searching around for the perfect recipes to create delicious protein shakes.

However, the only problem is that many protein shakes actually contain a large amount of sugar, in an attempt to mask the often unappetizing flavor of protein powders. This can wreak havoc on anyone that is following a diet that is low in sugar!

So what can you do when you need some protein shakes, but also need to cut down on your sugar intake?

Why not try one of these amazing protein shake recipes that are sugar-free, and yet have some amazing flavors? There’s something on this list for absolutely everyone!

1. Peach And Pecan Shake

‘Self’ is a website that managed to turn protein shakes into an art form. They have countless recipes that make use of high-protein ingredients, and this is easily one of their very best, so we figured it prudent to kick off the list with this recipe.

Peaches are renowned for having an incredibly sweet flavor that manages to actually be surprisingly subtle, which means that it lends itself effortlessly to being mixed into a creamy and decadent protein shake.

This recipe makes use of cinnamon, salt, pecan halves, and Greek yogurt, amongst a few others, to create a shake that is easy and delightful to drink yet contains countless nutrients and other goodies that your body can benefit from.

And all you need to do is blend them together, and you will be left with a very smooth shake that goes down incredibly well.

2. High-Protein, No-Added Sugar Breakfast Shake

Sometimes, nothing quite wakes you up in the morning like a protein shake, and of all of the protein shakes we have ever experienced, this has to be one of our absolute favorites.

It’s very creamy, which helps to make it perfect for when you wake up in the morning, as it will easily glide across your palate.

The addition of coconut milk in this recipe helps to give it a slightly exotic hint, which helps to make it incredibly pleasant and vibrant to kick-start your day.

And when it comes to nutrients, this shake is definitely not lacking! It contains plenty of flaxseed meal, which helps to pack every drop with fiber and loads of antioxidants and vital fatty acids.

This immensely nutritious protein shake is so easy to whip up that you’d easily find yourself surprised at how well you can make it.

When you’re still bleary-eyed and half-asleep, you can easily throw these ingredients together and then drink the shake down to get all of the energy and fuel you need for the day ahead!

3. Raspberry Cheesecake Shake

That’s right! You don’t need any added sugar at all to create this recipe, and yet it is still bursting with sweetness and creaminess that will delight you to no end. This particular shake is a perfect treat after you’ve had a long and tiring day.

The raspberries easily release their sharp and tart flavor, and this quickly blends with the addition of cottage cheese, which adds the element of creaminess.

This shake goes down incredibly well, and it combines both sharp and slightly bitter flavors together in a beautiful way that requires no extra sugar.

All you need to do is gather the ingredients, throw them into the blender, and soon you will have the perfect protein shake!

4. Mint Green Shake

Sometimes, after a long gym session, not only do you need some vital proteins in your shake, but also some refreshing flavors.

The only problem is, most refreshing shake recipes would require the addition of plenty of sugar, but luckily this amazing shake makes use of mint to create a vibrant and refreshing flavor that lights up the mouth and keeps you energized.

Vanilla extract also blends perfectly with the mint added to this recipe, helping to ensure that it is not too powerful.

The mint manages to blend perfectly with the more creamy flavor of vanilla, and this is bolstered further by the addition of almond milk and Greek yogurt, which work together to truly complete the recipe.

5. Peanut-Butter-Cup Shake

We all love peanut butter cups, and that can make it particularly difficult when you find yourself craving these small delicious treats, but you’re on a strict diet.

However, if you’re finding yourself craving peanut butter cups while looking for the perfect protein shake recipes with low sugar, then you have definitely come to the right place.

All you need to put this shake together is some unsweetened almond milk, some Greek yogurt, and some peanut butter, alongside a few additional ingredients, and you can easily replicate the flavor of a peanut butter cup, but without any of the pesky added sugar that you might expect.

This is one of the more indulgent recipes on this list, so if you are also looking to cut down on the amount of fat in your diet, as well as the amount of sugar, then you will want to make sure to enjoy it in moderation!

6. Blueberry Protein Power Shake

If you want a shake that is not only full of vital proteins, and lacking sugar, but also low in carbs, then you really cannot do better than this masterful recipe.

This shake takes full advantage of the addition of blueberries, to create a drink that is perfect for satisfying your cravings in the morning, as well as powering you up to take on the day ahead.

All you need are some fresh blueberries, some flaxseed meal, almond milk, and protein powder, and with just a quick blend, you have the perfect breakfast drink.

This drink is made all the better thanks to the addition of flaxseed meal, which is known to fill the body with vital antioxidants that help to keep you fighting fit and help you to stay on top of your immune system throughout the day.

7. Simple Green Shake

Sometimes simplicity is key. You don’t always need to go above and beyond when creating the perfect protein shake, and this recipe is evidence of that fact.

The base of this shake makes use of avocado, which is mashed down into a very fine paste, to make the shake feel even more creamy on the palate, and to help pack it with vital nutrients and fats that help to fuel the body for a busy day ahead.

To help give it that titular green look, you can easily blend in some kale, or spinach, which helps to pack it full of iron and various other nutrients that are important for keeping on top of your immune health.

There is also a small pinch of cinnamon added to the recipe, to help give it a slight fiery taste that further tingles the senses, which helps to wake you up in the morning, ready for whatever the day has in store for you.

The cinnamon also helps to give the shake a slight sweetness, to help save you from needing to add any sugar or other sweeteners!

8. Sugar Free Keto High Protein Chocolate Shake

Managing to create a shake that is keto-friendly and free of sugar, yet high in protein, can be a very tall order, and a difficult task.

Oftentimes, such shakes will end up tasting very unappetizing, and you’ll have to really force yourself to finish them.

Luckily, by using this recipe, you can easily create a shake that covers all of these bases, and yet still manages to taste simply incredible and appetizing.

This quickly became one of our favorite go-to shake recipes, especially when we’d just come home from a tiring gym session. It had everything we needed, and yet took next to no time to whip up to perfection!

9. Berries ‘N’ Cream

Every time we think about this shake, we find ourselves with some deep cravings. Even the look of this shake is enough to get our mouths watering.

By making use of fresh, or even frozen blueberries, you can easily create a shake that has this amazing and rich purple color that helps to make it even more appetizing.

And luckily, apart from blueberries, there’s very little else you need to gather to bring this recipe to life.

All you need is a banana, sunflower seeds, vanilla extract, salt, Greek yogurt, almond milk, and a little time in the blender, and soon you will have the fruity shake of your dreams!

To Finish Up

There you have it! Creating a great protein shake is difficult enough, but creating one that is sugar-free is another level entirely. We hope that at least one of these recipes whets your appetite, and satisfies you deeply!

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