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Body You Deserve

I have tried to find a way to lose weight for the past few years. I had some success but gained it back shortly after I lost it.

I continued to do this by using several products over the course of 4 or 5 years. I needed to find something that would work for me!

I listened to some cassette tapes of Tony Robin’s several years ago and thought maybe I could find something there that could help me.

I purchased a set called “Ultimate Edge”. This helped to motivate me and I wanted to learn more. Tony has a way of doing that.

Then I purchased “The Body You Deserve”. This was one of the best things that I have ever purchased.

I will discuss what both of these programs have done for me. If you have read any of my previous reviews, you will notice this will be much different. Sometimes, I just can’t contain the excitement that I have for these products.

What is The Ultimate Edge?

Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge

This is a 3-part program designed to teach you to create joy, happiness, passion, and success, and to have a life of fulfillment.

That’s a lot to cover in one set and Tony has done an amazing job with this one. He has taught me how to discover what I really want most out of life, use these strategies, and work through obstacles.

1 – Inner Strength

The first part is broken down into two days. Here I learned what were some forces that shaped my life. This helped me understand a little better why I do or think the way I do.

On day 2, Tony explains his Hour of Power. This was a very exciting session for me. Talk about getting me up and doing things. I still grab this every so often and listen to it.

2 – Personal Power

Part two is broken down into 7 days. This is Tony’s classic Personal Power. Here I learned a great deal about why I think and do the things that I do.

  • Harness the power of decision – don’t worry about the little things in life that can distract us from what we really want. I had to learn to make better decisions and quicker so that I could achieve what I want out of life. If I delayed making decisions, they usually never got made or were much less effective.
  • The controlling forces that direct my life – I learned why I did certain things, some I never realized until now, and why I put things off for later. This had to do with what I associated with pleasure and pain. If you’re like me, did you ever do something and later wonder why you did it? Did it not make any sense?
  • How to shape my destiny – how did my mental associations guide my life or destiny? These can ruin my life if I was not able to identify what there were and how to change them today!
  • Neuro-associate-conditioning – Here I learned how traditional types of therapies worked. I also had to discover a way to change how I associated the meanings of different events or aspects of my life.
  • Creating a compelling future – this is a goal-setting workshop that I was so looking forward to doing. Unfortunately, my CD was cracked, when I contacted customer service, they were great to work with and I had a replacement in a few days. This helped me to set goals in different areas of my life so that I could keep them in balance. If you’re like me, I focused on one area at a time and other areas would suffer because of it.
  • How to unleash the power of my 6 human needs- the 6 basic needs that we all need to meet to be fulfilled are certainty, significance, growth, uncertainty, love and connection, and contribution. Tony goes through these in detail. My requirements for each area for me to feel fulfilled will not be the same as yours. We each attach different meanings to the same things.
  • How to create more time for what really matters to me – this was a big eye-opener for me. I realized how I focused on the little inconsequential things in life and how I overlooked areas that should have been important to me. Once I began to adjust how I thought, my focus shifted and I was able to find more time to do the things that truly mattered to me.
Tony Robbins ultimate Edge

3 – Get the Edge

Part three is also broken down into 7 days. I found this easier to follow, just go through one lesson each day. This gave me time to think about each lesson instead of rushing through one CD after another.

  • 7 keys to changing anything today – I learned why I did not change some things in my life that I should. I had to take an honest and hard look at myself. This helped me create a plan and to act on it to overcome my limiting beliefs.
  • The power of relationships, passion, connections, and love. – this is spread out over two days since there is so much to cover. For me, this was about taking a hard look at my relationship. Was I in the right relationship for me or was I just in one for the sake of being in a relationship? I had to figure out what I really wanted from a relationship, define my ideal person, the purpose of my relationship, and so much more. This was another eye-opener for me.
  • Pure energy – this taught me about having a strong, healthy & vital life. This was about keeping my body in balance to provide me with the energy I needed. I think it may have been during this session that I decided to get the “Body You Deserve” set. I will cover that next.
  • Power of Emotions – I had to understand what emotions meant to me. What is the difference between wanting or expecting something? I needed to watch my emotions so I would not confuse others.
  • Creating the foundations of lasting wealth – some of this I heard before, but it never sunk in. Tony presented this in a way that made complete sense to me. There was still a lot of new material for me to digest.
  • Purpose of Life – I had a tough time with this session. What is my purpose in life? This is a question that I have tried to figure out several times before. I do not know if I have found my true purpose or just a temporary one, but I feel at least I am headed in the right direction. It’s been a few months since I listened to this set and maybe time to go back through it.

The Ultimate Edge also came with three Power Talk DVDs.

  • The Ultimate Resource
  • Rules: The Source of Pain and Pleasure
  • Transformation: The Power of Expanded Identity

What is The Body You Deserve?

Tony Robbins The Body you Deserve

I am glad that I went through the Ultimate Edge series first. I was able to figure out what I really wanted, I knew I needed to lose weight, but I knew there was more to it than just losing weight.

Why did I really want to? I needed to understand why and learn how to keep it off. Tony has taught me how to do this.

This 12-day series of 10 CDs and one DVD taught me how to lose weight and keep it off.

This is important to me since I could lose small amounts of weight, but it never stayed off. I felt like a kid on a teeter-totter, going up then down, again and again.

Some concepts from the Ultimate Edge are repeated here, but in this context, it makes more sense if you are trying to get to your ideal weight.

The series is broken down into four parts that I will briefly discuss:

1 – Introduction

The first three days are focused on what I believed and how I felt. This is important, if I didn’t believe I could lose the weight and keep it off, then I am wasting my time. That may be why I couldn’t keep it off before.

2 – What to do?

Days four and five discuss nutrition and how I should combine my foods to be more beneficial for me. This is actually easy to follow and made sense to me the way Tony explained it. I learned what was OK to eat together and other things that are not.

My body produces specific enzymes to digest a certain type of food. If I eat the wrong foods together, that causes my body to work against itself and not efficiently process my food.

This changed everything I was taught growing up.

3 – How to do it?

Days 6-11 cover how to make the changes that I need to. I learned how I had to change my behaviors when it came to food. I had to think differently about food. Once I discovered what triggered me to eat when I wasn’t really hungry, now I understood part of my problem.

Changing habits is never easy. If I walk by a plate of cookies, what did you think I did? I used to grab one or two. Now I can walk by those cookies and just smile at them without taking any.

Another habit I had to break was eating too fast. If I just slowed down, I would eat less. What a simple and effective idea.

Another big part of this section for me was the way I thought about food and weight loss. If I changed a few words, that could mean something entirely different. I started looking at food differently.

4 – How to do it for a lifetime?

The final section taught me once the weight was off, how to keep it off. I learned that if I do slip up on my eating habits once in a while, that’s not the end of the world.

I had to learn to forgive myself and move on.

No sense in dwelling on the past.

Final Thoughts

Tony Robbins ultimate Edge

I believe that anyone can benefit from Tony’s teachings in these two programs.

Tony has motivated me to create this website and spread what I have learned. I enjoy helping others and this is a perfect place for me to reach as many people as I can.

When I had my annual physical yesterday, my doctor looked at my weight and asked me if it was correct. I just smiled and said yes.

He asked me how I lost 30 pounds since my last physical. I was happy to tell him. If Tony can inspire me to do what I needed to, I am sure he can help you reach your goals.

One thing to remember, when I went through the courses it helped me more when I sat down and actually did the assignments.

I gained so much more from them. I had to actively participate and not just sit back and passively listen.

To find out more about The Ultimate Edge, The Body You Deserve, or any other products from Tony Robbins, simply click here.

Tony Robbins’ books are also available from Amazon.

Audio books are great to listen to while just taking a walk or a long drive.

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Thank you for reading and have a happy and healthy life,


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