What Is Dash Diet And How It Works

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dash diet

Researchers have discovered that a diet containing herbs and other natural foods can be a very effective way to help in controlling high blood pressure.

This is one reason that an average person who likes to eat vegetables may contract fewer diseases.

The main elements of the dash diet are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

The DASH diet focuses on fruits and vegetables and small amounts of chicken and white meat since these are the main source of protein.

Moreover, the dash diet is very low in meat, salt, and sugar.

Researchers believe eating in the manner laid out by following the Dash Diet can help you with your blood pressure.

This is partially due to the reduced amounts of salt that should be used while following the Dash Diet.

Types Of Dash Diets

There are two types of Dash Diet which you can attempt according to your choice.

1. The Average DASH Dietsalt

In this diet plan, you have to put a limit on the sodium intake of up to 2,300mg/day.

2. The Lesser-Sodium DASH Diet

In this version of the diet, you have to slow down salt intake to 1500mg/day. This amount is much less than the average person consumes in a day and it is recommended that those who are dealing with blood pressure use this type.

How Does DASH Diet Work

Do not expect to see quick results from the Dash Diet, you will see the initial benefits that normally come from starting any diet. As you follow the Dash Diet, you will notice how small changes in your eating habits will add up over time.

A few of the changes will be:

  • Replace one item from your meal with a piece of fruit or vegetable.
  • Design your own meal on weekly basis and try to add a new meal for a change.
  • Prepare your food in a simple and fun way. Try different spices, but be sure to avoid any unnecessary salt.
  • Try adding raw nuts to your diet and avoid snacking on chips and other salty or high-calorie snacks.
  • If you are a bread lover, replace white flour with whole-grain wheat flour.
  • Make a habit to walk at least 15-20 minutes after every meal to digest easily.
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What Can I Eat And How Can I Divide Food Into Portions

The DASH diet is not a fancy diet, but it has its own servings in different food groups. Here we listed portions with 2000 calories diet. Try to follow it:

a. Whole Grains

You may have up to 7 Portions per day and want to eat whole-grain cereal, oats, brown rice, etc.

b. Vegetables

Many types of vegetables are included in it and 4–5 servings are recommended. You can eat raw or cooked vegetables but mostly green are the choice here.

c. Fruits:

There is no limitation on the fruits that you can eat, but the minimum servings are 5/day. Eat apples, strawberries, peaches, and all tropical fruits.

d. Dairy Goods:

Add skim milk, low-fat butter, and cheese to your meal, but in small amounts. Dairy products have fats in them, so we need to limit ourselves to 3 servings per day. You can use yogurt and egg whites too.

e. Meat:

You may enjoy any type of meat like red and white, but be sure they are leaner pieces. You will need to limit yourself to less than 6 portions per day. You can skip meat if you would like to, but it is suggested to have 2 small portions per week for protein and other nutrients.

f. Nuts and other Seeds:

Add plenty of nuts to your daily diet. You can eat all kinds of nuts and seeds. You will want to eat 5 servings per week.

Foods To Avoid On the DASH Diet:

  • Although meats are allowed to eat in very small quantities, you want to limit this to 3 or fewer servings per day.
  • This diet is basically designed to decrease salt consumption. To avoid unnecessary use of salt and other spices.
  • Alcohol is the only thing that is banned in every kind of diet because it contains so many fatty acids that increase weight very fast.
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a. Cost-effective

Since this is a free and easy-to-follow plan, it can have the advantage of saving you money.

If you want to start this diet, you can easily search online for food and quantities. There are also free online courses that you can follow. Moreover, all food items are easy to find.

b. Easy To Choose

Chose the diet plan best suited to your requirement. You can easily select the diet plan according to your need whether you are looking to cut calories, fat, or just want to eat healthier.

c. Good health:

While using this diet, you will feel fit and healthy. It will decrease your blood pressure and you will feel alive and energetic.

d. Nutrition:

With the help of this diet, you will be able to eat healthier. You will learn to avoid processed foods that are harmful to all.

Drawbacks / Disadvantages:

a. Lack of Suitability:

It’s not a profit-making diet; you can’t get everything delivered to your door in a box. This is a simple do-it-yourself diet that you will not find advertised on TV.

b. Not precisely planned for weight loss:

This diet is designed for people who are suffering from low and high blood pressure. It might be possible that they lose some weight, but that’s not what it is designed for.

Final Thoughts on The Dash Diet eating healthy

As you can see, the DASH diet is a unique diet that is proven by many experts.

This diet is considered by some not to be a true diet since the goal is only to eat healthier and not specifically designed for weight loss.

For more information on the Dash Diet, check out Amazon for a variety of books to help get you started out the right way.

This may be a good option if you are having problems controlling your blood pressure. I would suggest doing additional research on the DASH diet, then discussing your findings with your doctor.

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