Are Slimfast Shakes Healthy? – What You Need To Know

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SlimFast is one of the biggest names in the dieting world. Founded in 1977, it recommends enjoying one low-calorie meal alongside meal replacement shakes. Although a popular choice for dieters, SlimFast has faced plenty of controversy.

A key feature of the diet is the SlimFast shakes. Formulated to be low in calories but high in protein and fiber, these shakes were created to be enjoyed instead of meals. They’re also popular as protein shakes pre- or post-workout.

But are SlimFast shakes healthy? There are pros and cons to the shakes, but overall, they aren’t the best choice for healthy living. Discover more with this guide.

What Are SlimFast Shakes?

The SlimFast shakes are a key part of the overall SlimFast diet plan. They’re intended to be enjoyed as a meal replacement, offering a low-calorie but filling alternative to your normal meals.

By substituting food for shakes, SlimFast aims to help you lose weight fast. 

SlimFast shakes are available in a range of sweet flavors. They’re rich in both protein and fiber, helping you stay fuller for longer. SlimFast shakes are enhanced with vitamins and minerals, to make them a more suitable replacement for a varied meal.

To make up a SlimFast shake, you mix a scoop of the powder with your chosen liquid. You can use dairy milk or non-dairy milk, depending on your dietary preferences. SlimFast Shakes can also be mixed with water, but you’ll sacrifice some protein benefits.

Alternatively, you can choose pre-mixed SlimFast shakes. These readymade drinks are designed for on-the-go dieters, as you just need to grab one and drink it!

The SlimFast diet recommends eating one calorie-controlled meal a day and two SlimFast shakes, plus three 100-calorie snacks. 

However, you can also enjoy the SlimFast shakes as part of your regular diet. As they’re low-calorie but rich in protein, some people use SlimFast shakes to support their workout routine. 

What’s In A SlimFast Shake?

SlimFast shakes are intended as meal replacements, so they contain more than your average shake. As well as plenty of protein, SlimFast shakes contain a source of fiber, plus 24 vitamins and minerals. 

A standard SlimFast shake contains roughly 190 calories per serving. Some flavors have slightly higher or lower calorie counts, but the difference is minimal. SlimFast determines calorie count based on mixing the powder with 8 fl oz. of fat-free milk. 

You can reduce the overall calorie count by mixing the shake with water, but this also affects the protein content. Original SlimFast shakes contain added sugar (roughly 9g, but it varies based on the flavor). 

Among the 24 vitamins and minerals included in a SlimFast shake are: vitamins A, D, E, K, and C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron. 

A readymade SlimFast shake contains a similar calorie count and the same vitamins and minerals as the powder. The shakes are mixed using fat-free milk.

These details refer to the original SlimFast shakes. Other varieties include the High Protein Nutrition Smoothie Mixes and the Keto Shake Mixes.

Are Slimfast Shakes Healthy? - What You Need To Know

Pros Of SlimFast Shakes

If you’re thinking of adding SlimFast protein shakes to your diet, here are some of the advantages:

  • SlimFast is easily available in-store and online in the U.S. If you’re struggling to get your hands on other protein shakes, SlimFast presents an accessible alternative.
  • The calorie count, fiber count, and protein count are all easily available. If you’re trying to track your recommended intake, the SlimFast shakes will make it slightly easier.
  • SlimFast shakes also contain plenty of vitamins and minerals. You know you’re getting at least some of your recommended nutrients with a shake.
  • With high levels of fiber, SlimFast shakes can keep you fuller for longer. If you tend to snack after a gym visit, a SlimFast shake can help curb the cravings.
  • You can play around with SlimFast shakes. Instead of mixing it with milk and calling it done, try adding some fruits, veggies, seeds, or other protein and nutrient sources.
  • Having access to both ready mixed drinks and powder makes the SlimFast shakes a flexible choice. You can pick an option that works with your schedule, and even grab drinks on the go.
  • There are a few different flavor options available in SlimFast shakes. Consider trying several options if you can’t find a flavor you like straight away. 
  • If you’re using the shakes as part of the SlimFast diet plan, you can potentially lose weight quickly. 

Cons Of SlimFast Shakes

While there are definite pros to the SlimFast shakes, there are also some notable cons. Some of the disadvantages of SlimFast shakes include:

  • The original shakes contain reasonably high levels of added sugar. If you’re trying to keep to a low-sugar diet, SlimFast shakes won’t be compatible.
  • As part of an overall diet plan, SlimFast is quite restrictive. You can technically eat any foods you like, but only once a day as part of a calorie-controlled meal. The other two meals need to be shakes.
  • The SlimFast diet encourages losing weight quickly with restriction, instead of lifestyle changes. When you stop following the diet, you might put the weight back on quickly.
  • A SlimFast shake contains roughly 200 calories. This is a low-calorie count for a meal, but quite high for a snack. If you’re enjoying SlimFast shakes outside the SlimFast diet plan, you might find it hard to track what you’re eating.
  • While SlimFast shakes might be a quick option for a protein shake, it isn’t the best option. You can meet your nutritional needs better by crafting your own shakes.
  • SlimFast shakes aren’t hugely expensive as part of a short-term diet plan. However, as daily purchases, the cost will quickly add up. You can save money by switching to a cheaper protein source, like making a Greek yogurt smoothie.

Are SlimFast Shakes A Healthy Choice?

As part of the SlimFast diet, the SlimFast shakes are an effective way to lose weight quickly while meeting some of your nutritional needs. They act as meal replacements, providing a very low-calorie count, supplemented by protein and fiber to keep you full.

However, when you stop following the SlimFast diet, the weight is likely to come right back. SlimFast teaches calorie restriction, instead of long-term lifestyle changes. It isn’t recommended to follow the SlimFast diet in the long term!

As protein shakes to enjoy before or after a workout, SlimFast shakes do have some benefits. For a start, they’re easy and readily available. If you forget your normal snack, you can potentially pop into a store and pick up a SlimFast shake.

Slimfast shakes also provide clear nutritional information. You can keep track of what you’ve been eating, how much protein you’ve been getting, and your calorie intake.

However, the high added sugar content is a definite concern. Containing a lot of processed foods, it’s better to switch your SlimFast shake for a homemade option. 


On their own, SlimFast shakes aren’t exactly a healthy choice. They contain large amounts of added sugar and won’t provide enough calories to properly replace a meal.

As part of the SlimFast diet, the shakes can help you lose weight — but be prepared to put it back on again!

Instead of using SlimFast shakes, we recommend making your own protein shakes, tailored to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can SlimFast Shakes Help You Lose Weight?

As low-calorie meal replacements, the SlimFast shakes can help you lose weight. However, when you switch back to meals, you’re likely to put the weight back on.

Can SlimFast Shakes Make You Gain Weight?

SlimFast shakes are intended to act as meal replacement shakes. So, if you enjoy them as snacks and drinks, you might end up putting on weight.

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