Can You Use Water In A Smoothie?

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When it comes to blending a homemade smoothie together, you might wonder what is better, water or something else like milk.

In fact, you might be wondering if you can use water at all.

The answer is yes, you can most certainly use water to blend a smoothie together.

Despite many smoothies including concentrated juices and special kinds of milk, water can be used as a zero-calorie alternative.

However, there is a catch. Using just water can either be good or bad for your smoothie depending on the way you prefer its taste and texture.

Also, using water all comes down to the ingredients you have used within the beverage, too.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the best ways to use water in a smoothie, and why it can benefit your body.

Can You Use Water In A Smoothie?

There are times when you either don’t want to use something like almond milk, or you just don’t have any form of milk left in your refrigerator.

When that happens, you do have some options, and that means using water.

To put it simply, water can be used in a smoothie just for the simple fact it is a form of liquid.

This means you can mix ingredients together and it will end up looking and tasting like a smoothie.

If you don’t have any form of liquid present, then you are going to end up with something that ends up looking like mush, rather than something you can drink.

Remember, you are not making a dessert!

Using some type of liquid helps the fruit and veggies to turn into liquid themselves as the water helps to break down all of the solids presents.

Without it, you would just be blending food that would be better to eat than drink.

To put it simply, the liquid that is added to a smoothie turns the solids into a liquid-like consistency. Without the liquid, it would not be able to do this.

So whether you use water or milk generally doesn’t matter until it comes to the taste and overall texture.

Does Water In A Smoothie Affect The Texture?

Can You Use Water in a Smoothie

We don’t know about you, but we love to drink a really thick smoothie that is full of fruit and veg.

The reason we have a smoothie is that it is not thin and runny like a regular drink. Instead, it makes you feel full, and there is almost a food-like element to it.

If you were to just use water, it leaves the smoothie with a runny texture.

Milk on the other hand helps to thicken up the smoothie and makes the texture extra creamy and delicious.

However, you might actually prefer your smoothie thinner, which in that case you will be better off using water as the liquid.

If you want a much thicker smoothie, then opt for milk as it will add extra flavor and thickness to your drinking experience.

If you do want a creamier texture but still want to add water (you could be allergic to nut milk), adding some yogurt is a good go-to for many.

You can also perhaps add some avocado or coconut oil.

Does Water In A Smoothie Affect The Taste?

You probably will not be surprised, but only adding water to your smoothie doesn’t change the taste.

Whilst that might seem fine, just using water makes certain flavors more pronounced.

This works pretty well for a super berry smoothie full of blueberries and the like, but if you have decided on an antioxidant green smoothie – you know, the type with kale – you might not appreciate it as much.

This is because when you just use water, it can’t add any flavor because water is flavorless.

When you add milk, for example, oat or almond, it has a creamy flavor that adds something extra to the overall taste of the smoothie.

If you prefer something fresh where you can pick out the different flavors of the drink from a thinner liquid, then by all means go with water.

But if you want to drink a creamier smoothie that is thicker in texture, go for the milk.

What Are The Positives Of Using Water In A Smoothie?

Can You Use Water in a Smoothie

Not everybody likes the thought of adding nut milk to their smoothies, and that is okay.

They can change the taste of the smoothie, and there is a chance that you might just want to taste the flavors of the fresh fruit – after all, you did make a fruity smoothie.

However, if you want a low-calorie smoothie, then going with water is the better choice.

Water is also free to a degree (we shall ignore the utility bills) so you can have access to it really easily.

Once you run out of nut milk, you will have to go and buy some more, unlike water which you can conveniently access via the faucet.

Is Filtered Water Better In A Smoothie?

There is no right or wrong option when it comes to using a certain type of water in your smoothie. It really is all down to preference.

Whilst either tap water or filtered water is absolutely fine, the one to avoid is plastic bottled water.

However, that is more to do with avoiding single-use plastics, and it is much better to just filter water out of the faucet than keep buying bottled water.

Final Thoughts

Using water in a smoothie is absolutely fine. The only things to think about are the overall tastes and textures.

With water, you will taste the ingredients more, whilst using something like nut milk will make the smoothie creamier.

On the other hand, using just water within a smoothie will make it runnier, though you can change this by adding yogurt, which will also add some creaminess to the beverage.

When it comes to adding water to a smoothie, it can be a good choice because it is calorie-free, as well as available in your home via the faucet.

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