How To Cleanse And Detoxify Your Body With Essential Oils

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cleanse and detox with essential oils

Almost everyone knows without seeking confirmation from any health practitioner that environmental factors are one of the primary elements that wreak havoc on our skin. Although some others like stress, pollution, junk food, and product build-up come to play in causing a few skin clogging culprits that attack us every day.

To stay healthy and have glowing skin we must fight back and the only way to fight back is via detox. Packed with antioxidants, are 100% pure essential oils that can help draw toxins and impurities out of the skin while restoring the natural luster.

Detoxing Your Body Is Important

It’s very healthy to purge your body of the nasty toxins to give your body a fresh restart. Getting rid of all those nasty toxins can help you feel so much better. We all know that essential oils have a lot of very healthy benefits for our bodies inside and out.

These tips and tricks of how to detoxify the body with essential oils are going to make detoxing as easy and simple as possible.

Simple Ways For Your Body To Naturally Eliminate Toxins

exercising will help remove toxins

The most common way the body eliminates waste from our body naturally is by breathing, sweating, and eliminating through your gastrointestinal system.

There are a wide variety of methods for cleansing your body, along with many levels of intensity. However, drinking water is the simplest and single most important step you can take to help your body flush out toxins

Adding a regular workout to your daily routine can also help increase your circulation and release endorphins, which act as positive mood boosters.

It is common in many cultures to feature traditional practices that help our human bodies detoxify – sweat lodges or saunas, cleansing fasts, herbal teas, hot springs, and mud baths

Our bodies continuously eliminate toxins through our digestive, urinary, integumentary (skin), circulatory, respiratory, and lymphatic systems. Traditional detoxification treatments are designed to enhance these built-in mechanisms.

The Search For A Better Way To Cleanse Our Body

Human beings have always sought out and devised ways to cleanse the body of unwanted by-products of foods, especially cooked or smoked foods, the remnants of stress and fatigue, occasional encounters with natural toxins, and sporadic bouts of deliberate intoxication such as that caused by fermented beverages and other substances such as narcotics.

Generally, we humans have been created to process waste that occurs naturally in our body, but since the 20th century, human bodies have witnessed an inexplicable terrible increase in ingestion of toxins which often comes from things such as denatured foods and drinks, regular use of intoxicants such as alcohol, pesticides, cigarettes and herbicides, petroleum by-products, air, and water pollutants.

Common signs that the body shows when it needs to detox are usually fatigue, constipation, gas, bad breath, low immunity, hormone imbalances, menstrual, menopausal, fertility problems, skin problems, poor circulation, mood swings, depression, and frequent infections.

essential oils can help detox your body

How Can Essential Oils Help To Detoxify Our Body

Like herbs, essential oils can be potent plant helpers in the detoxification process.

Traditions correctly identify detoxifying plants and many appear regularly in our diets and folk remedies. Some of these included are lemons, grapefruits, apple cider vinegar, ginger, bitter greens, and hot peppers.

Detoxifying foods need not be taken as essential oils; in fact, never ingest any essential oil unless prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner.

For instance, you can take a tablespoon of lemon juice in warm water each morning to help the liver detoxify, but you would not use a few drops of the essential oil instead.

How Does Our Body Naturally Detox Itself

It makes good sense to keep the skin open and able to release waste products efficiently. This will help the body eliminate up to 1 pound of waste products every day through the skin.

Perspiring has many functions, with the most important one is the elimination of waste, so it makes sense to exercise daily, use deodorants instead of antiperspirants and enjoy saunas or steam baths whenever you can.

In fact, the body relies on a simple exercise like walking half an hour a day in order to circulate lymph in the lower half of the body.

Brushing the skin of the whole body towards the heart from bottom to top is a simple practice that removes dead skin cells and increases lymphatic circulation. Using a salt or sugar scrub in the same way, then soaking in a bath in the dissolved scrub is also beneficial.


Use this blend to help detoxify your skin and body and reduce cellulite. Be careful when rinsing this off in the tub, as it can make things slippery!


4 drops of Juniper Berry Essential Oil

4 drops of Pink Grapefruit

2 drops of Angelica Essential Oil

20 ml/ 4t


  1. Use fractionated coconut as your carrier oil for a no-scent, no-stain option.
  2. You can blend a larger quantity and keep it in a dark amber glass bottle to use as needed.

Caution: It is possible that this blend may cause sensitivities; the recommended use is in dilution (no more than 1 -3 drops for children, and 4-7 drops for an adult’s full-body treatment) and not as a replacement for traditional medicine.

  • Juniper Berry Essential Oil: This healing, calming oil is ideal for topical use to deal with skin-related problems such as acne, psoriasis, and infections in general. It is known to relieve the discomfort of arthritis as well as anxiety, nervous tension, and stress. It can help with hangovers and fluid retention while preventing cellulite formation.
  • Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil: This oil boosts immunity and helps the body protect itself from the harm caused by toxins by combating free radicals that lead to signs of premature aging. It works to eliminate existing infections and defends the body against future infections.
  • Angelica Root Essential Oil: This oil is Diaphoretic, meaning it causes the user to sweat, which helps the body naturally rid itself of toxic elements and a build-up of waste while helping reduce blood pressure.
  • Carrier Oil of your choice: Carrier oils help to dilute essential oils before topical application, as their potency can be harmful when used in high concentrations without dilution. Carrier oils also help essential oils remain on the skin longer without quickly evaporating.

Final Thoughts On How To Cleanse And Detoxify Your Body With Essential Oilsdetox with essential oils

As you can see, there are many ways toxins get into our bodies and there are some ways our bodies can help to clear themselves of them. Sometimes our bodies need a little help and one natural way is by using essential oils whether you use them on your skin, in aromatherapy, or other ways.

I always recommend that you do your own research and discuss any concerns with your doctor, especially if you have a medical condition. They may say sure try this or they may give you reasons not to.

Please leave your comments and questions below and thank you for reading.

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How To Cleanse And Detoxify Your Body With Essential Oils

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