How To Unlock the Benefits of Alpilean’s Weight Support!

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There are many diet supplements on the market and new ones are appearing all the time with a slightly different take on the problem.

Then there is Alpilean which claims to help support weight loss by normalizing the body temperature of overweight people. 

This brought it to the forefront of the media and it became one of the best-selling diet supplements on the market.

We conduct an Alpilean weight support review to look at the claims of this diet supplement and how it purports to work. 

We’ll examine the ingredients and look at whether there is any scientific evidence to back up the maker’s claims.

The ingredients will be examined and we will consider the testimony of those who have used Alpilean themselves. 

What Is Alpilean Weight Support?

Alpilean is marketed as a cutting-edge weight loss pill that can support healthy weight loss. It is a combination of six alpine ingredients which it is claimed are frequently used as treatments in weight loss remedies. 

This is due to their link with lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. 

Alpilean claims to be the only product in the world that uses this unique mix of chemicals with the intention of normalizing the user’s low body temperature.

Other claims include the ability of this dietary supplement to encourage healthy metabolic processes and boost immunity. 

It is claimed to keep working on weight loss and health maintenance even when the user is sleeping.

This is achieved through its proprietary combination of natural ingredients which begin to dissolve fat in the body. 

Alpilean is also claimed to provide users with vitamins and minerals which it says are crucial for promoting and maintaining healthy metabolism. The pills are sold exclusively online through the Alpilean website

This supplement appeared on the market in October 2022 and is manufactured in the US at an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility. It was created by a team of three people including two doctors. 

Users simply need to take one capsule a day and will allegedly start to lose weight without having to drastically change their exercise or diet regime. 

It is purported to be based on an ‘Alpine ice hack method’ which increases low inner core body temperatures and thus aids calorie burning. 

How Does Alpilean Weight Support Work?

The aim of taking the supplement is to raise low inner body temperature so that the metabolic rate is raised, burning more calories than the user’s body normally would. 

The supplement does not claim to raise the body temperature but rather to normalize lower inner body temperatures. 

The idea for the supplement came after a group of Stanford scientists discovered that a primary factor of a slow metabolism was a low internal body temperature.

Alpilean is said to target the slowed metabolism brought about by low body temperature and therefore increase the metabolic rate. 

This increased fat burning by raising the body’s temperature helps to balance the intake of calories with those that are burned up by the body’s metabolic processes. 

Some studies have shown that leaner people have a higher internal body temperature than those who are overweight. Fat is around 50% cooler than muscle which gives those with leaner bodies a calorie-burning advantage. 

The makers of the dietary supplement Alpilean claim that a person’s metabolism drops by around 13% for every drop in body temperature.

However, it doesn’t give the measurement of the drop associated with this decreased rate of metabolism. 

By normalizing the inner body temperature of the user the supplement claims to provide the same advantage to those who are overweight with people who have a higher amount of muscle mass. 

It is claimed that those with a normal body temperature burn calories more effortlessly than those with a lower body temperature. 

Alpilean Weight Support Ingredients

So what are the ingredients in Alpilean that are responsible for raising the body temperature of those who have a lower one than average? The six ingredients of this weight support supplement are:

  • Golden algae
  • Dika nut
  • Drumstick tree leaf
  • Bigarade orange
  • Ginger rhizome
  • Turmeric rhizome

These are all naturally occurring ingredients, and they all share one common feature. Each of these ingredients by itself allegedly targets the body’s inner temperature. 

Of course, they all individually have other benefits, but it is their combination that the manufacturers of Alpilean claim makes it a weight loss support supplement. 

Some of the ingredients have been used for centuries as part of traditional medicines. Other ingredients are newer but are backed by modern research

Alpilean Weight Support Review

Golden Algae

This plant contains a compound called fucoxanthin which is found in many other diet supplements.

However, the type found in those pills is extracted from brown seaweed while the fucoxanthin in Alpilean comes specifically from golden algae. 

Apart from targeting inner temperature, the compound is also claimed to support brain health, liver function, and bone strength. 

Dika Nut

Dika nut is also called African mango seed and is credited with boosting low body temperature up to a normal range.

This ingredient also allegedly eases bloating and aids digestion, as well as supporting healthy cholesterol. 

Drumstick Tree Leaf

Also known as moringa, this plant has a long history in traditional Chinese medicine. As with the other ingredients in Alpilean this plant is claimed to have the ability to target inner body temperature. 

This aids metabolism and accelerates weight loss according to the claims of the makers of Alpilean. It is also purported to support healthy blood sugar and is rich in antioxidants. 

Bigarade Orange

Citrus bioflavonoids derived from the bigarade oranges also have the apparent ability to target the inner temperature while supporting immunity. They also reduce oxidative stress as they are rich in antioxidants. 

Phytochemicals which have natural anti-inflammatory properties are also present in these citrus bioflavonoids. 

Ginger Rhizome

Ginger has been used in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine for centuries as an overall wellness remedy.

As an ingredient in Alpilean, it claims to normalize the body temperature helping it to accelerate the metabolism and increase fat burning. 

Ginger is also thought to support healthy muscles. 

Turmeric Rhizome

As with the other ingredients in Alpilean, turmeric root is thought to target inner body temperature which in turn is claimed to increase fat burning and boost metabolism. 

People have been taking turmeric for a long time to aid healthy inflammation. This is the body’s way of responding to injury or infection. As an ingredient of Alpilean, it is also claimed to support heart and skin health. 

Vitamin B12 

Each capsule of Alpilean contains 35 micrograms of vitamin B12 which amounts to more than 14 ½ times the normal daily amount for the average person. B12 is an important vitamin for making our DNA as well as keeping our blood and cells healthy. 


There are 10 micrograms of chromium in each capsule of Alpilean. Chromium is a vital mineral in the body for helping insulin to regulate blood sugar. Insulin is a hormone that the body uses to change sugar and starches into energy. 

Benefits Of Alpilean

According to the makers of Alpilean, the benefits of taking this dietary supplement are many. First and foremost, they claim that for people who have a lower-than-normal body temperature, Alpiliean will normalize it. 

This allows the body to constantly burn calories even when the user is inactive or sleeping. 

Those who have a normal body temperature will find it easier to maintain a healthy weight according to the makers of Alpilean while those with a lower body temperature will struggle to lose weight. 

The six plant ingredients in the supplement are said to support an alpine strategy to raise the resting metabolic rate and normalize body temperature.

This process leads to weight loss in a healthy way and helps maintain a steady weight in the long term. 

The makers also state that eliminating free radicals and oxidative stress with an ideal mixture of organic ingredients supports detoxification.

Alpilean Weight Support Review

However, it is unclear if they are claiming that benefit for Alpilean or just making a general statement. 

They do claim that users will receive a ‘tiny’ energy boost by using all the ingredients in the pill and that this will help to revive metabolism. 

Controlling food cravings is another claim and there is a reassurance that the supplement is non habit forming.

Other benefits that Alpilean is claimed to have are clearing toxins from the skin and reducing cholesterol levels. 

How Does Inner Core Body Temperature Affect Weight Loss?

A discovery by a group of scientists from Stanford University revealed a connection between body temperature and weight loss. People who are overweight tend to have a lower body temperature. 

This is thought to be because fat is cooler than muscle, in fact, it is believed to be 50% cooler.

More lean muscle means that the body temperature is more likely to be normal which allows more efficient metabolism and calorie burning. 

A cooler body temperature will work against the effective burning of fat and make it less likely that weight will be lost.

The alleged purpose of Alpilean is to normalize the user’s body temperature so that it is better equipped to burn calories and fat. 

Someone who is overweight might have to burn only 1,500 calories to maintain homeostasis, but someone with more lean muscle may need up to 2,500 calories a day. 

So even having an intake of between 1,500 to 2,000 calories an overweight person will still gain weight whereas a leaner person consuming that amount of calories will lose weight. 

Giving overweight people a way of raising their body temperature up to normal levels is thought to give them a better chance of losing weight. 

How Much Weight Can You Lose With Alpilean?

The makers of Alpilean make it clear that the weight loss results from taking the dietary supplement varies from person to person. However, they are confident that anyone can manage to lose weight by taking the pill every day. 

The maker’s website has numerous testimonials from satisfied users citing weight loss results after taking the dietary supplement. 

The purpose of Alpilean is to promote thermogenesis which is the production of heat by the body. This is what happens when someone exercises which helps the body to burn calories. 

Alpilean claims to be able to aid the body by bringing a low body temperature up to a normal temperature which boosts the metabolism and helps to burn fat.

The combination of the ingredients in the supplement is said to act on the body to target its temperature. 

One of the ingredients, turmeric, also helps to improve fat oxidation which converts fats into energy. 

On the Alpilean website, there are testimonials from real users of the product. One woman lost 34 pounds after taking the pill every day and is able to wear jeans that she bought 15 years ago. 

Another user tried every weight loss product before discovering Alpilean and lost 28 pounds. He claims to be eating normally and that he feels healthier.

Finally, another female user has apparently dropped three dress sizes since taking the supplement. 

Cost Of Alpilean Weight Support

The manufacturers of Alpilean sell each bottle of their product for $59, although they present this as a reduction from $99 per bottle. One bottle is enough for one month.

For current prices, check out Amazon.

For those over 35 or who are carrying excess weight the recommendation from the makers is to take Alpilean for at least 3–6 months. This is so it has time to achieve the desired effects.

Alpilean Weight Support Review


Scientific Evidence For Alpilean

So is there any scientific evidence for the effectiveness of Alpilean as a weight support product? Well, the idea for the product came from a 2009 study that found that obese people have a lower body temperature than those who are slimmer. 

The lower body temperature was shown to lead to a slower metabolic rate. Thus leaner people can burn off excess calories as heat but those who are overweight burn fewer calories while they are at rest. 

The difference found by researchers was significant. They gave both obese and slimmer people an extra 1,000 calories per day.

Those who were leaner burned 60% of the extra calories while those who were overweight burned almost none. 

Of the ingredients contained in Alpilean, turmeric is perhaps one of the most studied by science.

It contains curcuminoids which are linked to fat burning and it is thought that taking turmeric may increase fat burning in the body. 

However, there is little evidence that it can raise body temperature. Instead, turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which may help weight loss. 

A study in 2019 did similar research on ginger and found that it too had significant effects on weight loss. 

A 2018 study on citrus bioflavonoids found in bigarade oranges and one of the six ingredients of Alpilean found that they improved metabolism and reduced obesity in overweight mice. 

So there is a lot of scientific evidence of the weight loss impact of several of Alpilean’s ingredients although none that confirms its ability to normalize the body’s inner temperature. 

Customer Reviews Of Alpilean

As noted previously there are user testimonies on the Alpilean website citing the effectiveness of the supplement. According to Alpilean has an average rating of 4.92 out of 5 based on its customer reviews. 

Many reviews have been submitted to Alpilean to testify to the effectiveness of the supplement. However, none of the testimonials can point to exactly what it is about the product that causes the weight loss to occur. 

Therefore, it is hard to confirm their claims that it is through raising a low body temperature to aid metabolism. 

Final Thoughts

There is evidence that Alpilean can work to aid weight loss. However, the method by which it achieves this is still under debate.

The maker’s claims that it helps to normalize the body temperature of overweight people cannot be verified. 

As the ingredients used in the product are already known to have weight loss potential it is difficult to separate this from the assertion that it is through raising the inner body temperature that weight loss is achieved. 

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