Is Plant Based Protein Good For You

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Protein is an essential nutrient for us as well as for animals.

As long as we do not have allergies, it does not matter how we take it into our system.

Allergies are universal and there could be some foods that we may be allergic to, but would not know till we consume them.

Other than allergies, what we consume is really up to us and may simply be a personal preference. This will be influenced by where we live and what we ate when we were younger.

The Issue With Plant-Based Protein

Plant-based protein has become very popular in recent years and has been the topic of many discussions.

Some may be concerned with the adverse effects of plant-based proteins, but much of this is unfounded and is due to a lack of knowledge.

Studies have proven that consuming plant-based proteins in many cases, can be a healthier option than consuming animal proteins.

There are many types of natural foods that are rich in protein and are not derived from animals.

Consuming it could provide all the protein a healthy person would need without consuming animal products.

If one does not intend on consuming even whey protein which is a byproduct of the dairy industry, there are many other foods that could provide the required daily quantities of protein that our bodies need.

Plant-based proteins are a favorite of many who chose to avoid consuming any type of animal product even if they are dairy products.

Amino acids which are rich in protein are what we should be concentrating on supplying our bodies and we would need to take serious note of this fact.

The Need For Amino Acids

amino acid

Some foods that are rich in protein may lack amino acids. These include beans, lentils, and nuts.

Soy protein is a good alternative that is considered to be rich in amino acids.

It is the food preferences that we chose that would give us the required quantities of protein and if they are plant-based there are no issues with it.

Consuming soy in small amounts should not affect you, but some physicians caution men from consuming too much soy.

There have been recent studies that suggest men should avoid consuming too much soy, but I was unable to find what is considered too much.

Let’s just say that men should limit the amount of soy in their diet.

Selecting foods that contain both protein and amino acids has become much easier than the nutritional facts on the packaging.

This would have been harder to do a few years ago, but since many suppliers are jumping on board the healthy way that many people are living, the information is readily available.

The types of plant-based foods that are rich in protein are available and it is a matter of knowing what you would consume and the right quantities that your body would need.

Protein is needed to strengthen and synthesize muscles and the amounts needed will vary from person to person.

Plant-Based Vs Animal Protein

animal protein

Our bodies require protein and that is a fact. If we have our personal reservations about consuming animals or animal products to derive the protein that we need, then reverting to an alternative would be just fine.

The plant world can provide us with a variety and ample quantity of the protein we need.

Since there is a large variety of plant-based proteins to choose from, many people have chosen a Vegan way of life.

This can be a much healthier alternative than consuming animal flesh. Studies have clearly shown that eating animal flesh can be linked to many diseases and other medical-related issues.

Unlike plant-based foods, animal products could be tainted with various issues especially inherent sicknesses that the animal would have had before being slaughtered for consumption.

animal protein

Many times, we rely on what is on the package to tell us how fresh the meat is. Have you ever seen a news report about a store changing the dates on meat products or mixing them with fresher meat so and selling them with a more current date?

It is universally accepted that consuming animal products can be detrimental to us in the long run and avoiding it would be in our best interests.

The same cannot be said about plant-based proteins as they are sourced from naturally growing plants and being tainted with diseases would be a rare occurrence.

We should see the bright side of it too and ensure we avoid consuming animal products, as it has been a bone of contention to many, especially the slaughtering of animals to satisfy our lust for flesh.

We have enough variety of foods from which we could take in our protein, so why we don’t do so would be a question that we should ask ourselves.

If we could do that, we could abstain from consuming animal products to obtain our protein needs which many are doing now.

The vegan community has proved that we do not have to consume animals or products derived from them to enjoy good health it could be done by just sticking to plant-based proteins, of which there are many.

Eating Intelligently

beans plant protein

We need to appraise ourselves as to what foods we would need to eat to keep healthy.

Once we have decided, it would be a matter of maintaining the right balance and keeping healthy without any issues with our system.

Plant-based protein could be one important way of maintaining the right balance in our protein intake.

Many are surviving around the world on that platform and it would not be an issue if we are to follow that doctrine.

We would be doing the animals a favor too by not eating them, which is an issue that borders on our humanity too.

There are no issues with refraining from eating animals or their products hence being a humanitarian would do us some good too.

Final Thoughts On Plant-Based Protein

As we have discussed, there are many advantages to consuming plant-based proteins and fewer animal-based proteins. Studies have shown that this is a much healthier choice.

With all the choices in plants that we can get our protein from, there is no good reason to consume animals.

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  1. I think that a lot of the suspicion of plant-based protein comes from a desire to represent being vegan or vegetarian as unhealthy or as a scientifically unfounded way to make a positive impact on your body and the earth. As someone who eats a lot of plant-based instead of animal-based protein, I have been so excited by all the options that have come out in recent years!

    • Hi Lauren,
      There has been a lot of new plant based proteins put out on the market lately. There is too much evidence that eating plant based proteins are better than animal proteins to ignore. I am not a vegetarian, but I know that a good plant protein can be very beneficial for us.

      Being a vegan can be a very healthy lifestyle as long as you give your body all the nutrients it needs. There are a lot of good supplements that can help with this. Take UB Super for example, they have a plant based protein and other products that are worth checking out.

      Thank you for your comment,


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