Why Marmite Is Good For You For Over 100 Years

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History has not been rosy for some food preparations which have been on shop shelves for decades with some of them being shoved into the limelight for the wrong reasons.

It may sometimes border on absurdity and could be for many reasons which would not necessarily be due to any fault of itself, but due to reasons of economy and competition.

The brand Marmite which is an iconic British product has been targeted by some to bring uncalled-for actions and false insinuations that it may not deserve.

Marmite is a high protein source that was discovered in 1902 by German Chemist Baron Justus von Liebig.

There are many other benefits to the century-old product that we will discuss.

The Marmite We Love

Looking closely into the pros and cons of Marmite would educate us as to what it has to offer us as a popular and affordable source of food rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Marmite has been popular with consumers over many decades and has been used for a few generations without any complications.

This fact alone should place Marmite high on a pedestal of acceptance as a good food supplement, as an essential that will enrich our lives.

Whatever adverse points may be raised against it, they should be ignored so that it is accepted and consumed universally.

Marmite is a rich food source that is very high in vitamins especially “B3” which is an essential nutrient for good health.

Consuming Marmite daily will help reduce the need to take vitamin “B” supplements, which is what many do to keep healthy and make up for any deficiency.

Vitamin “B” in many forms is essential for our body and by consuming Marmite we could do away with expensive supplements, most of which are not even absorbed into our bodies, but processed out as waste.

Vitamin “B” is water-soluble and is not retained in our system which makes it an essential daily requirement and there is no better way than to consume Marmite daily.

This will help to supply our bodies with this essential nutrient.

Consuming Marmite as a daily food source is easy since it has a unique taste of its own and is a favorite even with kids. You would not need to persuade kids to consume it as they generally like it with their bread as a spread.

Marmite As A Rich Food Source

marmite nutrition

A comprehensive study was conducted over a period of 12 years at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Unit in Sydney, Australia.

This study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine recently has found that women miscarry due to a deficiency in vitamin “B3”. Eating Marmite daily will help to remedy this issue as it is rich in this very vital nutrient and its flavor is liked by many.

Marmite was originally developed as a food source bringing yeast extract, celery, spices, and salt which was readily accepted by consumers worldwide as it was one of the first spreads to be offered universally with British political influence encompassing most of the world at that time.

Later its popularity enabled its manufacturers to add essential vitamins and minerals to make it a great food supplement. Since then, nutritionists and food scientists have been advocating the use of Marmite as a daily source of vital vitamins and minerals.

Since Marmite is a rich source of essential nutrients and has been recognized as far back as World War One (WWI), and was a part of a soldier’s ration on the battlefield.

The iconic brand name of Marmite is still an important part of some diets but has been the subject of attacks by certain unscrupulous sources trying to undermine it.

Marmite has been used by millions worldwide over many decades without any adverse reactions other than those with yeast allergies.

Expectant mothers around the world can benefit greatly from Marmite’s rich concentration of vitamin B3 and eating it daily.

Marmite is highly recommended by some in the medical community as a good source of vitamin B3 and has discarded questionable claims that were brought against the brand.

These claims are rumored to have been started by its competitors in hopes to tarnish the good reputation that Marmite has built up over the years.

Sleeping Better

Magnesium is another vital ingredient that has been found to help us sleep better and those suffering from insomnia are generally treated with it.

Marmite is rich in Magnesium and consuming by spreading it on two slices of bread or toast each day will provide about 10% of your daily requirement.

We would need about 375 mg of Magnesium daily in order to sleep well at night. This would be a good way to start our day.

There are many foods that have magnesium in them that can make up the balance that we will need.

Eating foods like spinach, Swiss chard, avocados, gigs, yogurt, and black beans are all good sources of magnesium.

Prevent Dementia

Research has found that the intake of vitamin “B12” creates chemical changes in the brain which are directly responsible to help those suffering or vulnerable to dementia.

Marmite is rich in vitamin “B12” and taken daily would help in preventing dementia or treating those afflicted with this dreaded disease.

For A Healthy Heart

healthy heart

Studies at the University of Bristol have identified vitamin “B1” as vital and beneficial to prevent various cardiovascular diseases which is an ever-increasing concern for medical professionals.

Marmite is rich in vitamin “B1” and consuming it daily could provide a substantial part of the vitamin “B1” requirement that we need to keep our hearts healthy.

Could Treat Diabetes

Studies and tests have been conducted by the same university to treat diabetic and non-diabetic mice with a substance similar to vitamin “B1” called Benfotiamine and the results have been astounding. It is still under research and it could be used on humans.

So far, the early tests have shown promise. Anyway, with a high concentration of vitamin “B1” in Marmite, it would be a good idea to eat it which would give you more than what you would bargain for in good health and a better life.

Help The Vegans

Last but not the least, vegans have to be careful not to let their bodies go without the essentials which other non-vegans would take in with animal products.

Marmite may be their best choice and one that would provide them ample supplies of most essentials that they would otherwise find difficult to source. This has become a favorite among certain groups of vegans that have easy access to it.

Final Thoughts About Marmite

As we see, there is a lot more to Marmite than we originally thought. I know that I have learned a lot about this very beneficial food. I thought it would be a fun way to learn about a not-so-well-known brand that has been around for over 100 years.

If you can’t find it at your local store, it is available on Amazon.

Have you tried Marmite? I would like to hear from you.

When was the first time that you tried it or do you still eat it?

Stories of when we tried something when we were little or having something at special times of the year are always interesting.

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  1. I will definitely have to do so more research into the benefits of Marmite. I’ve only ever heard people debating the taste, but never the potential health benefits. Thanks for your informative article!

    • Hi Becca,
      I only recently found out about Marmite. Someone told me about it, so I starting looking into it. It’s one of those things that have been around a long time and got put on a back shelf.

      Writing a review on this was actually an afterthought. I was only looking at it for myself, but thought others might enjoy reading about it also and may even want to try it.

      I guess it’s one of those timeless treasures that have survived 100 years.

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