Best Quiet Blender For Juicing

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A high-quality blender is an essential component of a good kitchen.

You may or may not use it very often but you’ll always be glad to have it around when you do want to make yourself a smoothie or some salsa!

Of course, the main issue most people have with blenders is how noisy they are.

There’s no way to use a blender discreetly and everybody in your home (and a couple of homes next door) will know when you’re using one.

However, blender technology has come a long way in recent years and there are now devices you can get with noise reduction.

They’re not quite silent but they’ll definitely provide a little more peace and quiet in your household which can be a blessing if you use your blender a lot.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best quiet blenders you can buy online:

1. Black + Decker PowerCrush

If you’ve heard of the brand, Black + Decker, before, it was probably when you were looking at some power tools for construction.

However, the company has expanded recently into other power appliances and they’ve used their decades of expertise to create this surprisingly quiet blender device.

Black + Decker’s very own Quiet Technology means that this blender is a great deal less noisy than your average one.

This is perfect for those who live in a quiet household and don’t want to interrupt the peace.

Aside from how quiet it is, this is also a very high-quality blender on its own.

The 900W motor is incredibly powerful and allows you to blitz even the toughest chunks of food into a fine puree in seconds.

However, the real secret to this blender’s success lies in the QuadPro blade.

This blade has been specially designed to create a powerful vortex within your ingredients, allowing for much more efficient blending.

The device comes with 3 pre-programmed functions to deal with a variety of different ingredients.

For example, you can use one set to crush some ice, then a different setting to puree some vegetables, and another to make some breadcrumbs.

Another great feature of this blender is how user-friendly it is.

Not only is the initial setup and installation a piece of cake, but the personal jar with a pour spout lid makes it super easy to make drinks in the blender, then carry it around with you to drink from.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all about this blender is how budget-friendly it is.

This is easily one of the cheapest quiet blenders you can get online and it has all of the useful features you could ever need and more!

That’s why we think this is the best overall quiet blender on the market today.


  • Quiet Technology – Black + Decker’s own technology has been developed for years to keep this device as quiet as possible.
  • QuadPro blade – Generates highly efficient blending
  • 900W motor – Allows you to blend even the toughest chunks of food
  • Price – This is one of the most reasonable-priced blenders on the market


  • Size – The only real downside to this blender is the 18oz cup which isn’t as large as some others

2. Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender

Another fantastically quiet blender is this one from Hamilton Beach Professional.

However, it goes about quietening the device in a much different way than the previous device.

Instead of designing a quieter motor and components, Hamilton Beach Professional has designed a plastic, removable Quiet Shield for this blender.

This shield does a great job of blocking the noise generated by the blender so your home stays relatively quiet.

This is also a much larger and more powerful blender than the previous option so the noise dampener is very useful.

The 1500W motor will have no problems crushing any ingredients you put inside the blender.

Similarly, the 32 oz shatterproof cup is designed to withstand a large volume of ingredients and you won’t have to worry about large chunks potentially damaging or cracking it.

The blender even has 4 pre-programmed settings for blending. These are smoothies, ice cream, puree, and clean.

However, there is also an option for simple pulsing if you only need to blend something lightly.

In general, this can be seen as a larger, more powerful version of the Black + Decker blender we just looked at.

This one is more expensive but if your budget can spare it, you’ll be left with an overall better blender.


  • Removable Quiet Shield – Does a great job of dampening noise created by the blender
  • 1500W motor – Super powerful motor means even more blending power
  • 32 oz cup – You’ll never run out of room for blending in this massive cup


  • Price – While being more expensive than the previous option, it is still slightly superior in terms of quality

3. WantJoin Professional Commercial Blender

This next blender is another that uses the quiet shield design to reduce the noise created by the motor.

This simple hinge mechanism makes it very easy to apply the shield, as well as remove it to insert the blender cup.

In fact, the whole of the blender is designed to reduce the amount of noise it makes. This includes a shockproof pad under the cup, a buffer platform, and stabilizing base.

As you may have guessed from the title of this product, it also comes with some pretty industrial features. For example, the 2200W motor is the most powerful we’ve seen so far.

Similarly, the cup size is 80 oz, making it one of the biggest you can get for a blender at this price!

Of course, while this means you can blend a large number of ingredients with a very powerful motor, this extra power might be unnecessary if you don’t use your blender very often.

For example, if you only use your blender for a daily fruit smoothie, you probably won’t need one that is this large and powerful.

However, if you love to cook large meals for your family and like to use a blender for certain recipes, this is pretty much the best thing you can get at this price point.

It even has a self-cleaning feature that allows you to clean the entire blender cup with a simple press of a button!


  • Industrial strength – The extra powerful 2200W motor makes blending tough ingredients really easy
  • Super quiet – This blender has more features to keep it quiet than most others online
  • Massive cup – The 80 oz cup is certainly big enough to blend the biggest batches you’ll need


  • Industrial features – If you don’t need such a large and powerful blender, you’re better off going for a cheaper option

4. Cranddi Quiet Smoothie Blender

Another blender that uses the soundproof plastic shield design, this device from Cranddi features a unique control panel, along with all of the great features you’d expect from any good blender.

Instead of a handful of pre-programmed settings that you can apply to your blender, this one uses a dial system with blending power ranging from 1-9.

With 2200W of power to work with, you can expect that the highest setting will be plenty high enough to get through some tough pieces of food.

Of course, there is also a pulse setting that allows you to apply quick bursts of blending power to get rid of some clumps.

In fact, this blender has a variety of functions that extend beyond simple smoothie making.

You can use the device as an ice cream maker, ice crusher, and conventional blender.

It also uses a cleverly designed blade to make sure that your ingredients get blended evenly to a smooth consistency.

The Cranddi blender even has a self-cleaning feature to take some of the aftercare work out of your hands when cooking.

After all, there’s nothing worse than cooking a large meal and then having to spend a bunch of time cleaning up. With this blender, you won’t have to worry about it!

The only real downside to this particular product is that it isn’t quite as cost-efficient as some other options.

For example, you’ll find very similar sets of features on devices that don’t have as large a price tag.

However, if your budget can spare it, you’ll get a very high-quality blender with this purchase and you’ll hardly be able to hear it!


  • Multi-functionality – This blender has a variety of different functions other than simply blending
  • Multiple power settings – With 9 different power settings, you’ll have great control over how you use the blender
  • Self-cleaning function – Takes a lot of the hassle out of cleaning up after cooking


  • Price – There are cheaper blenders out there that have a similar set of features

5. Vitamix 36019 Quiet One

The final quiet blender we’re looking at is one that is designed to be used by professional kitchens, restaurants, and bars.

If you’re just looking for a simple smoothie blender for your home, you can definitely find more affordable options elsewhere on this list.

However, if you run a smoothie bar and have blenders constantly running, you can’t find a much more effective solution to noise pollution than this one.

The main benefit of using this blender over conventional industrial ones is the fact that it makes so little noise.

Aside from being quiet, this blender can handle a great deal more work than any others on our list.

You can easily get a good couple of years out of any blender if you use it once per day but if you’re making hundreds of smoothies per day, you need something stronger.

The Vitamix blender can easily withstand this kind of workload and you won’t need to replace it every year.

With 6 program buttons to choose from and a 48 oz blender cup, this is pretty much the perfect device to use in a professional bar.

Of course, the main drawback of this particular blender is the price as it costs a great deal more than the others we’ve looked at.

However, it should be seen as an investment for a business that uses blenders a lot and you’ll probably find that it is more cost-efficient to buy this blender than a cheaper one that breaks down more often.


  • Durability – This blender can easily make hundreds of smoothies every day and stay in good working condition for years.
  • 48 oz cup – This cup is the perfect size for making batches of smoothies in seconds
  • 6 program buttons – Provides a great variety of blending options for any recipe


  • Cost – This isn’t the blender for you if you only need a once-per-day smoothie maker for your home

Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for a blender can be pretty tricky because each one seems to boast the same set of features and it’s hard to tell which ones are best.

With this buyer’s guide, it will be much easier to make your final purchasing decision.

Quiet Features

Of course, if you’re specifically looking for a quiet blender, you’ll want to know how it stays quiet.

There are currently two main methods of reducing the amount of noise made by a blender: using a quiet motor and fitting a sound-reducing noise shield.

The better of these two options is certainly the noise shield because this can be used to make absolutely any blender sound quieter while being used.

Specially designed quiet motors are more likely to fail in this function and they will just get noisier over time.

However, the simple science behind how a noise shield works will never fail.

Motor Power

With any blender, motor power is the most important thing to consider when deciding if one will do the job for your needs.

It’s also important to get the amount of motor power just right, as you don’t want to spend too much on an overly powerful motor and you certainly don’t want one that doesn’t blend your ingredients enough.

The smallest blenders will often use a motor with roughly 500W of power but this is only adequate if you plan on using it for soft ingredients like making fruit smoothies.

At 1000W, you’ll have enough power to make smoothies, crush ice, and blend some slightly tougher ingredients.

If a blender has over 1500W of motor power, it will be able to comfortably blend any ingredients, so long as you use the right quantities and don’t overfill the cup.

Blending Functions

You’ve probably noticed by now that every blender we’ve looked at has a select series of pre-programmed blending functions.

These are often based on what the manufacturers recommend you use the blender for.

For example, some blenders will have an ice-crushing setting specifically for crushing ice.

While these can be useful, they do limit your options somewhat to however many programs that blender comes with.

If a blender only has 4 pre-programmed blending functions, you can only use these four settings and probably a pulse setting.

However, with a blender that has different blending power settings, like the Cranddi Quiet Smoothie Blender, you’ll have plenty more options to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Way To Quite A Blender?

There are a few ways that you can make any household blender a little quieter while you use it, though you’ll never be able to make it completely silent.

Moving it away from the wall will reduce the spread of vibrations through the air, reducing the amount of noise generated by your blender.

Placing a dishcloth or mat underneath the blender will also reduce the amount of noise it makes because it reduces the spread of vibrations that create noise.

However, if you’re worried about your blending making too much noise at certain times of day or night, the best way to avoid it is to blend in advance.

If you know when you’re going to want to enjoy a smoothie but don’t want to make too much noise at this time, you can always blend your ingredients beforehand.

Are All Blenders Noisy?

It’s a pretty well-known fact that blenders make a lot of noise when you use them and, to some extent, it’s true that all blenders are noisy.

However, there are plenty of blenders that are designed to make as little noise as possible.

All of the blenders that we’ve looked at in this guide have had special design features implemented to reduce noise pollution.

Of course, these all still make some noise but they are a great deal quieter than your average blender.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best quiet blenders.

There really is a great variety of options available online so everybody should be able to find a suitably quiet blender that fits their need in the kitchen.

Whether you’re an aspiring Michelin-starred chef or a fruit smoothie lover, there’s no reason you can’t work in peace and quiet!

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