Can You Juice Broccoli?

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Broccoli is among one of the healthiest veggies out there.

Belonging to the brassica family, it is an extremely nutritional part of every diet. Broccoli is very rich in Vitamins C and K and provides good daily amounts of protein and fiber. 

With even more research suggests broccoli may even improve our immune systems and lower cholesterol. It is an extremely healthy and quick addition to any meal that can be easily made through steaming or even roasting. Can the nutrients be gained from broccoli through juicing?

Juicing is a fun and fast way to gain all the nutrients and minerals from vegetables and fruit as you would if you were eating them.

This can be great if you’re looking to incorporate some more fruit and veggies into your diet that you may not be the biggest fan of when eaten. This is also great if you struggle to digest food and need an alternate method to receive the health benefits these foods offer. 

Not every fruit or veggie can be juiced. However, the more awkward foods in biology and design can be harder to squeeze the juice out of if they even have any at all.

So where does this leave broccoli with its strange uproot design and lack of any clear indications of juices?

Below we have looked to answer this by compiling everything to know about the realism of juicing broccoli and if it can be done.

Is It Possible To Juice Broccoli?

Is It Possible To Juice Broccoli?
<strong>Is It Possible To Juice Broccoli<strong>

Luckily the good news is that broccoli can be juiced as you would any other fruit or vegetable. While the taste might be a bit strong at first. When you know how to juice efficiently it comes with some extremely healthy benefits.

Broccoli possesses properties of Vitamins A, B, C, E and K and is a great source of calcium to keep your bones nice and strong.

It also possesses riboflavin which helps boost our immune systems to fight off diseases. Broccoli contains selenium which is a mineral that fights cancer. 

Broccoli is also known to be great for lowering cholesterol and the risk of heart or liver disease. This helps it to be one of the healthiest and most beneficial foods out there.

None of this is lost when broccoli becomes its liquid form. This provides a quick and easy way to prepare a drink that will keep you healthy and motivated for the day.

What also, unfortunately, has carried through is broccoli’s struggle being digested in bulk. Try not to go over the top with servings. Too much could cause some uncomfortable bloating and cramps. 

How To Juice Broccoli?

How To Juice Broccoli?
Juicing Broccoli is a great way to get your veggies

To know how to start juicing broccoli and how to make it the tastiest it can be, here are a few pointers to follow.

Always try to use the freshest broccoli possible. This will provide the most amount of vitamins and nutrients you can fit into your juice as possible.

While you can use the regular juicing method on broccoli when starting, try using just a few florets or leftover stalks. This will help if you don’t want the taste to be too strong.

Speaking of the taste, it is not recommended to have just broccoli juice. The strong taste can be hard to gulp down. So it is well worth juicing it along with some watery vegetables to help dilute the taste a bit.

Cucumber and celery are a few fantastic and healthy options for this.

With your small amount of broccoli and additions of celery, cucumber or any added foods you’d like to mix in for some tasty benefits. Cut all the veggies to fit into the juicer and mix gently to give yourself a quick and easy healthy alternative.

If you would prefer to use a blender rather than a juicer. Broccoli will work just the same and provide the same benefits. It can even make you feel more full from the amount of fiber produced.

How Much Is Recommended A Day?

While it is healthy in moderation, too much broccoli can upset a digestive system. This makes it crucial to know the limits to make sure you don’t end up with an upset stomach.

One glass a day is the general rule to gain all necessary nutrients from the drink. This should be the rule of thumb for essentially all juiced fruit and vegetables.

After trying this you can move up to two glasses a day if you and your digestive system feel comfortable with it. Don’t worry if you find one is enough, since in just one 3/4 cup of broccoli juice there are 185 milligrams of vitamin K. This is more than the daily adequate intake for adults, and that includes pregnant women.


It has never been easier to consume one of the healthiest veggies out there.

Sure it’s still easy to cook them manually as we have been doing for years. However, it’s always worth experimenting with fun and exciting ways to see if you can make your favorite foods tastier to consume. There is an endless amount of options of ingredients that include broccoli. Juicing might just become your new favorite way to stay healthy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Other Green Alternatives?

While broccoli is incredibly healthy, it’s understandably not for everyone even as a drink.

Not everyone finds it very pleasant to digest and it’s common for people to want to get as far away from the strong taste as they can.

If so there are a few other similar options that can be juiced instead, or that you can mix in.

Some of these green foods include spinach, kale, chard and celery.

All these are similarly high in vitamins and nutrients like broccoli so they can be great alternatives to experiment with and find your own personal favorite taste.

Just always keep in mind to avoid cauliflower and cabbage. These are the most similar to broccoli and can cause some uneasy side effects. If broccoli already does not agree with you, so stay clear of them!

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