What Are Body Toxins? – What Do Toxins Do?


Over the past few days, I was surprised how many times people have asked “what are body toxins” in the course of normal conversations are. I don’t know if people are just more away from what we have been putting in our bodies or if it’s a new buzz word that someone is using. With all these questions, I have decided to write this article.

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My Red Tea Detox Review – Does It Work

IntroductionIs Red Tea Detox Right For You

I recently came across the Red Tea Detox after seeing the results in a couple of people. I was curious as to how they lost weight, so I asked them. Recently I have hit a wall in my weight loss and needed to find something to help get me over the hump and finish losing what I started out to.

This article will provide a brief overview, I know that I may have a different definition of brief than you, but I will try to limit myself to just a few pages, then provide a link where you can get all the information you want.

Hopefully you have already read my previous article on What is a Cleanse, if not, look for it in my previous posts.

I have included some of my affiliate links in this review to allow you to get more information or to purchase the products. 

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What Is A Cleanse – A Brief Overview


I have heard about cleanses for years and have even tried a few. It’s easy to get confused or sidetracked with all the information out there. This is the first article that I will write as I conduct my own research on this subject. Let me also say that I am not a healthcare professional, this is based solely on some research that I have personally done and thought others might benefit from this as well.

In this article, I am going to just give an overview of what a cleanse is, toxins, how can a cleanse help me, and is it safe. There are many articles on the internet that go into greater detail of what I have explained here.

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Why Create My Cleanse Plan

Many of us have tried different diets or exercised to the point of exhaustion, I know I have. I have tried various weight loss plans, pills, teas, and so on. If I thought it would work, I would try it, I tried a number of different ones over the years, too many to track. So … Read more

Why My Cleanse Plan

Hi, I am 54 and have tried a number of different dieting-type plans with limited or no success. It’s easy to get confused with all the options out there. One of the most important things that I have learned this year, has been portion control. If I skip the second or larger-sized helpings, this will … Read more