What No One Will Tell You About Lemon Detox Diet

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The Good, The Bad, And Everything You Need To Knowthe lemon detox diet

To live and stay healthy you must feed your body well and properly. But eating well and properly is not something that is easily done as it appears.

With the fast-growing rate of fast-food restaurants readily available at a very short distance from our home or work, the quest for eating well and properly only get worse as the days go by.

Fast foods like Pizza, candies, snacks, and many other packaged or chemically processed food contains saturated fats that harm the body terribly.

But can we stop consuming quick and readily made available packaged foods, apparently not. No matter how careful you choose to be in selecting what goes inside your stomach, you can never completely weed out the bad foods from your diet.

Even though it is difficult to control what you consume. There is a simple way that can help you control and eliminate the bad foods you consume daily.

This simple way comes in two forms – the natural or self-approach where the body itself processes the food, then separates the good and the bad and eliminates the bad.

The sad thing about this process is that is slow. The rate at which you eat is so much faster than the rate at which the body breaks down the food, separates, and eliminates them.

This slow process makes the bad left-over broken-down food by accumulating in the body. Excessive accumulation of bad leftover food is what leads to the breakdown of most organs in the body causing different forms of diseases.

However, there is a fast and easy process that helps to quickly eliminate the remnant in the body. This process is done only by using the Lemon detox diet.

What Is Lemon Detox Diet

lemons are an easy way to detox your body

The Lemon detox diet involves consuming a lemon juice-based mixture for 14 days, with no solid foods

The diet aims to remove toxins and cleanse the body. However, the diet has gained so much popularity because of its use for weight loss.

In fact, it became more popular when Hollywood popular hip hop singer Beyonce lost about 20 pounds in 2 weeks after following the diet. The breakthrough experienced by this singer gave the diet a winning tone among everyone who wanted to lose weight.

Supporters of this diet explain that it melts fat and cleanses your body of toxins.

But a more supported view of this drink is that it works as a master cleanser as it gets rid of all free radicals or toxins from the body.

It clears your digestive tract, increases the metabolism rate, eliminates excess fat, nourishes your body, and gives you energy.

Ensure to drink at least 2 liters of detox drink every day to avoid a lack of water in your body which cause dehydration. This detox drink becomes your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for two weeks.

How Do You Prepare Lemon Detox Drinkhow to prepare lemon detox drinks

You can prepare your lemon detox drink by following this process:

Ingredients needed (for 1 glass):

  • 8 oz of Pure Water
  • 20-30 ml. freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 4 teaspoons Maple syrup (Organic)
  • 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper

Add the ingredients above together and mix well. Now you have one glass of a simple lemon detox ready to go.

In case, you want to make it available for another and you might probably not be available to prepare it. You can prepare more than one serving and store it in your refrigerator

Why Use These Ingredients In Your Lemon Detox

Pure water is recommended as impurities can lead to side effects. Mineral water is not suitable for this use. You can go for cold, normal, or warm water, but water should be warmed naturally not in the microwave.

We all know about the benefits of lemon, so the consumption of lemonade is healthy and fights many diseases.

The Lemon Detox drink provides you with essential minerals and vitamins while diet plan as no other food consumption is allowed.

Since lemon is a natural powerful antioxidant, it detoxifies your body.

Dietary Fiber in lemon helps in improving digestion and eliminating waste material, thus cleansing your intestine. Lemon plays a vital role in this diet, so its quantity is important.

Maple syrup is a sap from the sugar maple tree. It is a natural sweetener that besides sweetening the drink, also helps in detoxifying your body.

The last ingredient, cayenne pepper also plays an important role. It also helps in cleansing your system as it is an excellent antioxidant.

Being rich in dietary fiber’ helps in removing waste material, improves digestion, and helps in burning fat. Its addition to the detox drink is necessary. If you are not comfortable with its quantity, you can minimize it a bit.

Benefits of Lemon Detox Diet Planbenefits of lemon detox

Thus, if you are troubled by obesity, you can try out the lemon detox diet for drastic weight loss. Other benefits of the lemon detox diet include:

1. Healthy and Glowing Skin

The harmful toxins and free radicals adversely affect your skin quality and lead to several skin issues.

Free radicals are responsible for causing premature aging that is visible on the skin in the form of fine lines, spots, and wrinkles.

Studies have shown that when your body detoxifies, you face fewer skin problems and have smooth and clear skin. By removing toxins from your system, this detox diet plan provides you with clear and glowing skin.

2. Good for the Digestive System

Proper digestion is vital for a healthy body. The lemon detox drink promotes food digestion and waste elimination by inducing bowel movement.

We never give a break to our digestion, as we start eating from our birth and eat until we die. Thus, our digestive system never relaxes.

3. Mental Health

Studies have revealed that the mental health of dieters improves after the detox diet plan. This improvement is because when they lose weight effectively, they regain their self-confidence. The detox diet plan improves your mental clarity.

4. Facilitates Quick Weight Loss

The lemon detox diet plan became popular because of this benefit. This diet plan has proven to be effective in losing weight. It detoxifies your body, improves metabolism, and helps in burning fat.

Since no food is consumed in the course of this diet calorie intake is negligible. All these factors contribute to quick weight loss in a short span of time.

5. Boosts Immune System

A weak immune system increases the risk of catching several diseases. As we all know, our immune system enables us to fight against illness and protects our body from all kinds of disease-causing germs.

Our immune system protects our body against all kinds of ailments ranging from the common cold to wounds to cancer.

Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant as well as other nutrients, all of which boost your immune system. Following this diet is a great way of minimizing the risk of various diseases.

Final Thoughts on The Lemon Detox Diet

can the lemon detox help you

As you can see, there are many benefits to cleansing and detoxifying our bodies. The Lemon Detox is an easy way to do this!

At first, it may seem difficult to follow this strictly, but the rewards will be worth it.

I always recommend that before starting any detox program, especially one that will change your eating habits or if you have a medical condition, consult your doctor first. They may say sure try this or they may give you reasons not to.

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4 thoughts on “What No One Will Tell You About Lemon Detox Diet”

  1. Was interested in reading this because we use lemon with all of our drinks with water we always have some floating in there or my son just likes to squeeze some lemon juice and have lemon water. I never knew that this could be a detox to cleanse your body or that there was a lemon detox diet. It’s awesome that I saw all the health benefits for the lemon diet and that you even gave the recipe on how to go ahead and start it. I would just like more information on how you would stop whenever you’re done with the detox and how to go back to eating regularly do you have any suggestions for that?

    • The Lemon Detox Diet is a simple way to remove some of the toxins that we put into our bodies daily. There are several ways to use this.

      First, as a simple detox that you can use for a few days or even everyday. One nice thing is that this will not harm you. As you already enjoy lemon water, this is only a slight change for you.

      If you are using it as more of a diet and want to loose weight, I would suggest following the author’s guidelines. I have seen a few good books on this topic and they each have their own little twist. Best way to go is to follow all of the instructions to which book you pick up. Once you get comfortable with the diet, you can mix and match what is working best for you.


    • Its unfortunate that we have strayed so far off traditional remedies that our grandparents used. Some of these have been around for hundreds of years and we have discarded them for a more modern belief. We did not understand the benefits of many of these old natural remedies until science started proven why certain things worked.

      Using lemons to detoxify our body is one of these natural ways we can help ourselves.

      There are a few good books about the Lemon Detox Diet available on Amazon.


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