Should I Detox Before Dieting

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Starting a new diet plan is always a good idea. It brings some significant changes to your body. And these changes are tough to cope with. But statistics say that detoxing before starting a new diet works wonders.

That’s why some of our readers ask us, “Should I detox before dieting?”

If you’re a newbie in planning a diet and detox schedule, you need professional help. And this article is going to be helpful for you.

Here, I’ll tell you everything that you need to know about detox before dieting. Let’s jump into it without further explanations!

What is Detox

Detox is a medical process of getting rid of harmful toxins and chemicals. It is a purification process of the human body. This process has been famous all over the world for centuries.

It was a famous purification ritual practiced by the ancients to connect with the divine. Detox was also a vital part of the Chinese and Ayurvedic medication systems. Detoxing helps you to clean your internal system more efficiently.

How Does Detoxification Work

Detoxification cleanses your internal system. Getting rid of lethal toxins is easier than ever with detoxing. There are many benefits of detoxing. For instance-

  • Removes toxins and impurities
  • Clearer skin
  • Safeguards from inflammation
  • Weight loss
  • Better immune system
  • Boosts your energy

If you want to give your body a break from toxicity and start a new purification process, detoxing is essential. There are many effective ways of detoxification to purify your health and well-being.

It cuts off impurities in your blood from the liver. In your liver, toxins are processed, and your body eliminates them. Your body can also eliminate such lethal toxins through the kidney, lymphatic systems, or lungs.

Why Should You Plan a Detox Before Diet Changes?

Being healthy is not easy in this modern era. If you’re suffering from gut issues, you need a diet change. But changing your diet is not a piece of cake.

Making sudden changes in your diet can put you in a catch-22 situation.

A detox before such diet changes is a blessing in disguise. You may have to push yourself for detoxing before dieting, but you’ll praise it later.

This cleansing process will transform your body into something better.

There are many methods of detoxing. It can be fasting, consuming veggies, or even hydrating yourself more often.

The core purpose of this method is to root out lethal toxins from your physical structure.

Benefits of Detoxification before Dieting

Planning a Detox before diet is a great idea. Detox before diet changes will enable your body to cope with the changes.

If you’re a beginner, you may be unaware of the bright sides of detoxing before dieting. Learning about them will boost your confidence.

Extra Energy

A detox diet can introduce you to the energy you never felt in you. When some start a new diet, they tend to feel weak and fuzzy. But detoxification before diet changes prepares your body. As a result, you don’t feel drained or puzzled.

As your body has already removed toxins, your energy levels will not drain quickly.

And you can focus on your work without fretting. Avoiding sugary food or replacing them with healthier options is a blessing.

By this, you can avoid some major spikes and falls during dieting. Contrarily, you’ll feel very focused and energetic while on a new diet.

Better Digestive System

We all suffer more or less due to a poor digestive system, right?

Thanks to detoxification will ease the function of the liver. Detoxing before diet filters harmful toxins from your unhealthy food.

Then it breaks down these harmful toxins into healthier molecules. In our 9 to 5 busy schedule, we consume many unhealthy junks.

They cause you gas, bloating, headache, indigestion, nausea, skin issues, etc. Detoxification surely saves you from these!

Healthy and Clear Skin

Tired of scrolling Instagram in search of a perfect skin remedy? Detoxing before diet is the secret behind healthy, glowing skin. In this digital world, we have forgotten to lead a healthy life.

And our eating habits are clear signs of that. We all wonder what influencers and celebrities do to maintain such flawless skin.

Detoxing is the answer. Detoxing before diet changes will bring noticeable changes in your skin.

Your skin will become less pimple-prone.

Cutting off sugar drinks will save your skin from dehydration and toxins. Adding up healthy green juice to your diet will make your skin soothing and clear.

Strengthens Immune System

A detox is an ideal way of strengthening your immune system.

A poor immune system tends to make the body sick. Having a strong immunity is the key to a healthy life.

And a detox before diet is the ultimate way to achieve strong immunity. When toxins get into your body, immunity breaks down.

Detoxification is the ideal way of dealing with harmful chemicals entering the system.

How to Detox? (The Honest Guide)

Now you know the benefits of detoxification. But the question is, how to do it? If you’ve never done this process, it’s hard for you to figure it out.

Your first task will be identifying the lethal toxins that you’re entering into your system. After detecting them, cut them out of your system immediately.

You have no idea about the toxicity of these toxins.

Usually, processed meat, high-mercury fish, sugar, and white grains are the culprit of your unhealthy life. Alter them from your daily food habit for 10 days.

Make sure you don’t cut out clarified butter from your diet. And you’ll instantly see the positive changes.

Exercise and workouts are also vital parts of detoxification. Most people don’t realize that exercise is an integral part of detoxing. There’s no substitute for detoxing for blood and lymphatic circulation.

You can decrease your anxiety levels and stress radically through physical activity. It boosts your happy hormones. You can have maximum protection against cardiac arrest through physical activity.

Juicing is a great way to Detox your body
Juicing is a great way to <br>Detox your body

Top 5 Detox Tips

Cleansing your body through detoxing program needs a healthy lifestyle and dietary supplements. Here are some of the famous detox tips to make your detoxing experience better-

  1. Consume plenty of fiber like brown rice, vegetables, radishes, spinaches, beets, and seaweeds. These are great detoxifying foods. These push out harmful toxins that cause constipation, diarrhea, headache, and food poisoning.
  2. Consuming enough vitamin c produces glutathione in your body. Glutothuionine is a compound that drives away harmful toxins through the liver.
  3. Make sure that you hydrate yourself very often. Drinking adequate water will bring unimaginable changes in your body and skin.
  4. Alcohol, sugar, processed food, and coffee are silent killers. They cause you to harm more than any other ingredients. In your 10 days detox program, remove them from your food habit.
  5. Dry-brushing or exfoliating your skin is another way of removing toxins. To enjoy this process, you can buy special brushes from nearby natural stores.

Final Thoughts

Switching to a healthy diet will provide you with all the benefits that a diet change offers.

The combination of detoxification with diet change is the dream duo a fitness-freak desires. In this article, I’ve demonstrated everything that you need to know about detox and diet changes.

I have also mentioned the effects of this process.

So, the next time anybody asks you, “Should I Detox Before Dieting?”, you know what to tell them!

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