Is It Time To Detox From Caffeine

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There is hardly any person who doesn’t crave a cup of coffee before starting their day. We all have heard about the benefits of caffeine for the human anatomy. But are we aware of the side effects of it?

Most coffee lovers depend on this caffeine drink mentally and physically. A large number of consumers suffer from withdrawal syndrome if they try to cut off coffee consumption.

Many of our customers also come up with the question, “Should I detox from Caffeine?” Caffeine might have a lot of bright sides. But this article is favorable for you to know about the complexity of caffeine in your body.

Caffeine! What Is It?

Caffeine is an alkaloid compound found in coffee, tea, soda, or energy drinks. It’s a psychoactive drug that people consume the most. But it’s legal and unregulated, unlike the other ones.

You can also consider it a natural stimulant. According to experts, caffeine reaches the blood barrier and stimulates the human brain.

The survey report says that 90% of people in the US consume 200 mg of caffeine every day. And that’s equal to 8 ounces of brewed coffee. Plus, you don’t get any nutrients from caffeine.

Up to 400 mg of caffeine daily is a safe amount to consume. And that equals 10 cans of soda or two shots of energy drinks. And any amount more than that is not safe for your health.

Symptoms of Caffeine Overdose and How it Effects Our Bodies
Main symptoms of Caffeine Overdose. Illustration about health check-up diagram.

What Does Caffeine Do To The Human Body?

Once you consume caffeine, it goes through your gut and passes through small intestines. After entering your liver, caffeine gets metabolized. The liver breaks down the compound and reacts with your organs.

In general, your body does not need caffeine to function. But we’ll tell you how your organs operate in cooperation with caffeine.

Effects on the Digestive System

Be it the digestive system or the excretory system, caffeine affects both. People have come up with the fact that they suffer from heartburn after consuming too much caffeine. Caffeine increases acid levels in the body and results in acidity and indigestion.

Ever wonder why people need a strong cup of coffee before rushing to the loo? It’s because the extra caffeine that you consume gets out of your body as urine. Caffeine also works wonders for people to make their bowels active.

Its contraction helps the body to move through the digestive tract. But this increased peristalsis affects the digestive system so much that the consumer may become dependent on it. Caffeine handles an excessive level of stress hormones.

Uncontrolled cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine hormone slow down the digestion process.

Effects on the Nervous System

Caffeine, a natural stimulant removes tiredness and fatigue. It gives you the energy to execute your daily chores. Caffeine offers you a feeling of euphoria for a shorter period. But it soon replaces that good feeling with insomnia.

People who consume an excessive level of caffeine face difficulty in sleeping. And people with a sleep disorder should cut off caffeine from their daily eating habits. Caffeine can also be the reason behind your irritability and anxiety.

How to Reduce Caffeine Before Detoxing?

Giving up caffeine at once is not a piece of cake. If you think you’re not one of those who can do it, you can reduce your consumption ratio.

You can curtail your coffee consumption amount in half and compensate for it with water. You can do the same for soda also.

Exchange your coffee brew with a cup of coffee for energy. And if you face headache, dizziness, or fatigue, use peppermint oil. Get more sleep if you crave it.

How to Quit the Caffeine Addiction

If your caffeine consumption is out of control, you may face some serious health risks.

That’s why you need to quit it for good. And here, we’d like to inform you that you may suffer from withdrawal syndrome while trying.

This will give you a clear idea about whether should I detox from caffeine or not.

The Weaning Method

This method is highly recommended if you want to quit caffeine. In this method, you have to cut down caffeine slowly from your routine. The process suggests you gradually decrease your caffeine consumption.

Curtail 10-30 mg of caffeine every 3 days, before you end up having no caffeine a day. You can reach your goal by avoiding high-caffeine beverages. You can also replace your caffeine drink with something hydrating.

Drinking water instead of coffee, soda, the energy drink will bring radical change.

If you go through the process, you’ll face fewer symptoms of withdrawal syndrome. Sticking with your productive routine is easier with this method.

Yet, you won’t be able to quit caffeine within a short time through this process. It is a gradual process.

The Cold Turkey Method

This process is a bit harsh. You’ll have to quit caffeine instantly, according to this method. And it is in no way a piece of cake! But it’s the fastest way of cutting caffeine.

You’ll also feel a reality check of how your body functions without caffeine.

As it is a hectic process, noticeable consequences with follow your life. You may face rapid withdrawal syndrome.

Nobody can balance their productivity level while following the cold turkey method.

So, take some precautions before jumping into this method-

  • Keep pain relievers near you
  • Avoid driving for a couple of days.
  • Treat yourself to easy-to-eat soups.
  • Inform your near and dear ones about your plan.

What Can I Use Instead of Coffee? (The Healthy Alternatives)

If your caffeine addiction makes you pay too much, it is time to replace it with something healthy. Your hug in a mug is no longer safe to exist in your routine. That’s why we will suggest you something better!

Matcha Tea

From tea to dessert, matcha is famous in every delicacy. Matcha is a type of green tea derived from Japanese culture. This beverage, being full of amino acids, sharpens up your cognitive skills.

Matcha usually comes in dry form with ginger leaves. It is a worthy alternative for people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. It’s also associated with lowering sugar levels and weight loss.

Apple Cider Vinegar

What Are The Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

You may not believe me, but apple cider vinegar will kick you in that no other drink can. Usually, it’s made from crushed and fermented apples in touch with healthy bacteria.

Diluting a bit of ACV with warm water in the morning can wake your bowel. You’ll get the equal kick that caffeine gives.

Maintaining sugar levels and blood pressure becomes easier with ACV shots. Don’t forget to mix enough water with it not avoid acidity.


We all have seen hype about Kombucha on Instagram among influencers. It may seem something unusual and tropical. But it derived from China in 220 BCE. A type of yeast, Scoby is used with the association of black tea for preparing it.

Maintaining regular digestion is easier than ever by adding up Kombucha in your routine. It also contains folic acid and Vitamin B for maintaining a healthy kidney and liver. Though it has lower caffeine compared to coffee, it’s worth it.

Green Smoothie

Green Drinks For Better Health

Introducing healthier and greener beverages to your diet can dramatically change your lifestyle.

According to research, consuming 300 ml of green smoothie curtails up to 9% of LDL cholesterol. This smoothie will enhance your visual sharpness as well.

There’s no alternative to this drink stronger muscles and better skin. The insoluble fiber in green vegetables passes out toxins from your bowel. You can dodge issues like constipation, bloating, or diarrhea with it.

Symptoms of Caffeine Withdrawal

Caffeine withdrawal symptoms are nothing sarcastic. It can be a very grave issue in some cases. This matter has become so severe that doctors consider it a disorder now. Let’s tell you about the symptoms:

  • Headache behind the eyes and front part of the head
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Prone to irritability
  • Constipation
  • Muscle pain, cramps, and lethargy
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty in thinking,
  • Hazy cognitive intelligence

Final Thoughts

Detoxing from caffeine can become a catch-22 situation if you don’t know the proper way.

Caffeine addiction is a common scenario all over the world. And never be late to come out of it. So, the next time anybody asks you, “Should I detox from caffeine” you know how to help them out.

In this article, we have comprehended everything related to caffeine detox. We have also enlisted some of the popular alternatives to caffeine drinks. Let us know if they are beneficial.

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