When Is The Best Time To Detox – Morning Or Night

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If you plan to detox, you are probably wondering whether to do it in the morning or night, and whether there are benefits to either.

Having said that, what is a detox anyway? There are two types of detoxes: fasting and cleansing.

Fasting means going without food for a certain period of time, usually between 12 hours and 3 days.

Cleansing involves taking supplements, herbs, or other substances to cleanse the body.

You can choose either type of detox at any time of day.

The only difference is that fasting requires you to abstain from solid foods, whereas cleansing does not.

It’s best to start with fasting first and then make sure your body gets what it needs by adding in some cleansing afterwards.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at detoxing at home in more detail.

When Is The Best Time To Detox During The Day?

Fasting works best when done during the daytime as this allows the digestive system to rest, which helps to aid digestion.

It also gives the liver enough time to clear out toxins before bedtime.

If you’re feeling really tired and need to get up early, try having a light breakfast such as fruit juice, coffee, or tea.

This will give your metabolism a boost and help you feel energized throughout the day.

When Is The Best Time To Do A Full Body Detox At Home?

A full body detox is a great way to kick start your health journey.

You’ll notice results within the first few weeks because your body is getting rid of old cells and shedding off dead skin.

Your hair will become shinier, your nails stronger, and your energy levels will increase.

If you’re looking to lose weight, you’ll see results faster than if you did a partial body detox.

A full body detox is recommended once every three months.

How Long Should I Fast For A Detox?

The length of your fast depends on how much weight you want to lose. Most people recommend starting with a 24-hour fast.

After you finish your fast, you can slowly reintroduce foods back into your diet.

If you’re trying to shed pounds, you might want to do a 48-hour fast.

How Often Should I Do A Detox?

Once a week is ideal but you can do them whenever you like. The key is to stick to it consistently.

Most people who follow a detox plan find that they enjoy doing it again and again.

What Type Of Supplements Can Be Used To Help With A Detox?

There are many different types of supplements available for detoxification. These include:


These are live microorganisms that help improve gut health.

They support the immune system and aid digestion. Some people use probiotic drinks such as Kefir or yogurt.


These are compounds found in fruits and vegetables that protect against free radical damage.


Magnesium helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate. It also supports muscle contraction and nerve transmission.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D promotes absorption of calcium and phosphorus. It also helps maintain bone density.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is essential for cell division and growth. It also helps prevent birth defects.


Zinc is an antioxidant mineral that protects DNA and proteins. It also helps build strong bones and teeth.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega fatty acids are beneficial fats that have been shown to reduce inflammation and boost brain power.

Green Tea Extracts

Green tea has powerful antioxidants called catechins that help fight cancer and other diseases.

Choosing A Detox Method

The next step is choosing which detox methods to use. Here are some options:

Juice Fast

This is one of the easiest ways to detox because it involves drinking only juices.

However, if you do this method, remember to drink lots of water, even though juices do contain a lot of water.

Water Fast

This is another easy option. Just drink plenty of pure water.

If you prefer, you can also add lemon and/or cayenne pepper to your water to aid digestion.

Fasting Diet

This involves eating nothing, or barely anything. You can choose this method if you don’t mind eating very little food during your fast.

Green Juice

This is another effective option.

Drink green juices, aloe vera drinks, herbal tea, or smoothies made of spinach, kale, broccoli, and other leafy greens.

Aloe vera has vitamins and antioxidants that help the liver remove toxins. These juices also have low calories.


This is similar to juicing but instead of using fruit, you use yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir, milk, almond milk, coconut water, etc.

Add healthy ingredients like berries, nuts, seeds, bananas, avocado, cucumbers, carrots, celery, spinach, kale, ginger, turmeric, garlic, onions, lemons, limes, apples, oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, pears, kiwi, papaya, mango, dates, and honey.

Herbal Remedies

These include things like dandelion root, burdock, oat straw, wheatgrass, barley grass, chicory, and many others.

Make an infusion (boil) out of them according to instructions on packages.

Use hot water and lemon/lime juice to make iced teas.


They are very popular in Asia and can be used in conjunction with colonics. They work by flushing out toxins through the bowels.


They involve removing waste matter from the large intestine through enema.

Colonics are more effective than traditional enemas because they reach parts of the intestines that cannot be reached by regular enemas.

What Is A Juice Fast?

Juice fasting involves drinking freshly pressed vegetable and fruit juices.

There are no rules about how much you should consume per day.

Many people recommend drinking between four and six glasses of fresh juice every day.

Green Juices

Green juices are usually made up of a few types of vegetables like lettuce, celery, and cucumber.

Other vegetables such as beet, carrot, radish, turnip, peppermint, apple, and pear may also be added.


A smoothie is a mixture of liquid and solid food items.

It’s often made from fruits, veggies, nut milks, ice creams, and even protein powders.

This is a good choice for those who want to be able to have a bit more variety throughout their detox.

Final Thoughts

There are many different options available when it comes to detoxing.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to find something that works best for you.

Some people feel better after doing a juice fast while others feel better after going on a cleanse diet.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, then there are many ways to do so.

However, if you want to get rid of toxins permanently, then you’ll need to follow a longer-term plan.

Just remember that, the majority of detoxes are best to be done throughout the day.

However, always contact your doctor if you plan to fast long term.

Thank you for reading!

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