Why A Plant-Based Diet Is Better – It Just Is Healthier

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plant based diet

If we are to list out the foods that we consume on a daily basis it would enlighten us that the majority of what comes on that list would be plant-based.

Most of the staple foods around the world are plant-based and just to mention some; rice, wheat, maize, tapioca, etc, are all derived from various plants.

Only a few animal products would come on that list so doing away with them totally would do no great harm to our system.

If we look at what we have been eating and add them up, we would find that leaving out some of them would not be an issue for us.

Animal Products vs Plant-Based Foods

In fact, it would be a very good idea to restrict our diets to plant-based foods. This would help to ensure that we may be able to avoid many diseases that plague us.

Obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, inflammation, cancer, and other chronic diseases could be directly attributed to eating animal flesh and its byproducts.

Animals carry various diseases and when we consume them, we could be left vulnerable to such diseases.

On the contrary, plants tend to carry minimal diseases, and even if they do, they could be noticed more easily.

Unlike animals which could go unnoticed until we suffer from it and it’s too late. A plant-based diet would also provide our bodies with a very high percentage of essential nutrients, vitamins, and other rich ingredients.

Animal products would only provide us with protein and a very small percentage of vitamins and other nutrients.

It would be in our best interests to restrict our food intake to plant-based products.

This would help us if we want to live a healthy and happier life without being afflicted with the many diseases that are being spread all around the world.

The number of diseases is increasing alarmingly and is afflicting a majority of the world’s population. Most of these could be attributed to our obsession with animal flesh and its byproducts. We want to live a healthy life.

An easy way is to look at what we eat more closely and leave out foods that could be detrimental to our health. Stick to only those foods that are good for us.

Availability Of Ample Plant-Based Foods


Plant-based foods would definitely be high on that list and ensure we consume a balanced diet.

These foods would help in longevity and also keep away all those terrible diseases and common sicknesses humans are afflicted by.

There are hundreds if not thousands of plant-based foods that we could choose from. The notion that we would suffer if we did not eat the flesh of animals would not hold in any argument.

We need to look at the plant-based foods that are commonly found around us and there are plenty of them. If we select them carefully and consume them intelligently, we could lead very healthy lives. Many are doing so and there is no reason why we cannot do this as well.

Animal flesh may be a delicacy to some and could be a staple food in other areas. Keeping it off your dining room table would do you only good especially keeping you healthy rather than making you sick.

It is universally known that animal flesh carries various diseases. Still, there are many who are oblivious to the issues pertaining to such issues and continue to consume them.

Leaves are wonderful food sources to obtain your vitamins, fiber, and other essential nutrients and they would not cause any harm to your system.

Consuming edible leaves would also bring a glow to your skin and overall look. They have all that it takes to give us a healthy body and mind. Leaves are readily available and inexpensive too.

They would satisfy your hunger when consumed with other staple foods like rice, bread, and any other foods.

Keeping Sickness And Disease At Bay

healthy options

We need to be prudent in selecting what we consume on a daily basis and if we do plan our food intake well. We could have a balanced diet and leave out most of the major diseases and sicknesses afflicting mankind.

It is our irresponsible eating habits that have resulted in the most common diseases. We need to be more conscious of what we select when picking up food in the market since that is where everything begins.

If we could select a plant-based diet it would be in our best interest and that all the loved ones that dine with us.

We need to set an example for others to follow.

If we could educate those around us to make better and healthier choices, we all could live healthy lives.

We should not be obsessed with eating the flesh of animals because they have a right to live too. Animals form a vital part of our ecosystem.

Protein could be sourced from a plant-based diet and it is not necessary to eat the flesh of animals to procure your requirement of protein.

Most plant-based foods have protein and some have high quantities. By selecting them intelligently, we would ensure we have a good meal with all the required nutrients in it.

Another advantage is that some plant-based foods need not be cooked thoroughly but could be either consumed in their original state or cooked lightly.

This enables them to retain their nutritional value. Eating in a healthier way and getting into a habit would keep us healthy in body and mind.

If we could learn to select the right mix of plants that will provide all the nutrients that our bodies require, we will lead a much happier and healthier life.

Final Thoughts on a Plant-Based Diet

animal products

As you can see, there are advantages to eating a plant-based diet.

We know that it is healthier for us than consuming the flesh of animals.

I am not asking you to completely give up animal products, but when we consume more plant-based products, we will feel much better and will find ourselves getting sick less often.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a plant-based diet, there are plenty of good books and several documentaries have been done on this subject. You can check the internet or go to your local library.

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