Dr Steven Gundry Books – Top 6 Best Sellers

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dr steven gundry

Who Is Dr Steven Gundry

Dr. Steven Gundry MD has been in the medical field for over 40 years. He has worked as a cardiologist, heart surgeon, and medical researcher and now is a New York Times bestselling author.

He has been on the boards of several well-known organizations such as the American Heart Association, the American Society of Artificial Internal Organs, and several others.

In his search to better serve his patients and his desire to improve their health, his research led him to what we now call The Gundry Diet.

The diet is known to help improve our cardiovascular system by eating better and removing lectin from our diet.

We will discuss 5 of Dr. Gundry’s books here. The books are available in multiple formats: hardcover, paperback, audio, or kindle. I have included some of my affiliate links to help find them easier for you.

Top 6 Best Selling Books By Dr Gundry

dr gundry diet evolution

Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You and Your Waistline (March 2009) Amazon Paperback.

Dr. Gundry discusses how genes play a major role in who and what we are. How can we change our genes?

In Diet Evolution, we are introduced to the Gundry Diet and how it can help us. This is more than just a new twist to the same old advice in every diet plan. Dr. Gundry introduces new concepts that may be able to help you lose the weight that you have always wanted to.

The Plant Paradx Dr Gundry
dr gundry plant paradox

The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain (April 2017) (Book 1) Amazon Hardcover.
4.3 out of 5 stars with 2,000 reviews

In The Plant Paradox, Dr. Gundry warns about the dangers of lectin. Lectin can be found in a wide variety of foods that have been considered healthy before.

At his waitlist-only clinics in California, Dr. Gundry has successfully treated tens of thousands of patients suffering from autoimmune disorders, diabetes, leaky gut syndrome, heart disease, and neurodegenerative diseases with a protocol that detoxes the cells, repairs the gut, and nourishes the body.

Now, in The Plant Paradox, he shares this clinically proven program with readers around the world.

dr gundry plant paradox cookbook

The Plant Paradox Cookbook: 100 Delicious Recipes to Help You Lose Weight, Heal Your Gut, and Live Lectin-Free (April 2018) (Book 2) Amazon Hardcover 4.4 out of 5 stars with 450 reviews

Dr. Gundry has provided us with over 100 recipes that will help us live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. The book is broken into two parts, the first covers the plant paradox program, while the second part provides us with delicious recipes.

summary plant paradox

Summary | Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution: Steven R. Gundry – Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You and Your Waistline (May 2018) Amazon Paperback 4.3 out of 5 stars with 22 reviews.

This is a summary of Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution. The summary explains the three phases of the Gundry Diet. This shorter version does not go into all the detail that the Diet Evolution book goes into. So, if you are looking for the Readers Digest version, then this is what you want.

plant paradox quick and easy

The Plant Paradox Quick and Easy: The 30-Day Plan to Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Live Lectin-Free (January 2019) (Book 3) Amazon Paperback 3.9 out of 5 stars. This currently has 13 reviews and at the time of this writing the book has only been out for two weeks.

Some have referred to this book as a revised version of the original Plant Paradox and provides a step-by-step guide to follow. Many have read all three books and have gained something from each one of them.

dr gundry longevity paradox

The Longevity Paradox: How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age (The Plant Paradox) (Available March 2019) Pre-order Amazon Hardcover

In The Longevity Paradox, Dr. Gundry teaches us how to avoid the problems that have plagued previous generations. He will show us what he has discovered that has helped his patients to avoid what he calls “diseases of aging”.


“Dr. Gundry’s thirty years of experience in the field of medicine have made him an invaluable resource to people all over the world. His provocative strategies will help you achieve the sustainable, healthy, and vital life you deserve.”

— Anthony Robbins

(Tony is one of my personal favorite authors and speakers. You can read my reviews on “The Body You Deserve” “Ultimate Edge” or “Bio Greens”.)

“Dr. Gundry is a true trailblazer, always at the forefront of scientific knowledge. The Plant Paradox shows the world what pioneer thinking is about and is a must-read book for anyone interested in being as healthy as nature has designed them to be.”

— Alejandro Junger, MD, New York Times Bestselling author of Clean Gut and Clean Eats

“The Plant Paradox offers a try paradigm shift in the way we think about food. Whether you’re paleo, gluten-free, low carb, or plant-based, Dr. Gundry’s profound insights and practical advice will help reverse both autoimmune and neurodegenerative disease.”

— Terry Wahls, MD, author of The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way To Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles.

These are only a few of the many endorsements that Dr. Gundry has received.

Final Thoughtsweight loss plans

As you can see, Dr. Gundry has written some very helpful books that have introduced us to some new concepts that may help us lose weight. Some of his books have

So, whether you are looking for some new recipes to enjoy or want to try something that will help you lose those stubborn pounds, Dr. Gundry has something for all of us that can help us achieve our weight loss goals.

Please leave your comments or questions below and thank you for reading.

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